redeo2Often times, marketers need to create web campaigns to promote their products or services, and newsletters are one of their most powerful tools. Newsletters are ideal for informing readers of new products or services to boost sales, or just for better communicating with your clients, both current and prospective.

If you have never done this before, beginning can be quite challenging. But don’t despair: FreshMail’s newsletter templates will make things a lot easier by providing you one of their ready templates, or the tools necessary to design your own template from scratch. FreshMail is a software platform offering a wide array of free newsletter templates; registration is also free and allows you to reach up to 500 people each month by sending 2000 e-mails.

Create and customize your template

Firstly, you will have to plan your newsletter campaign: begin by adding a button to your webpage that visitors can click to sign up for your newsletter, then put together a database of registered people who are interested in your business and to whom you will send your newsletters. Secondly, decide on one of FreshMail’s newsletter templates and customize it with links, call to action buttons, a background and colors of your choice to make it visually appealing, etc. until you get the look and effect you want.

Use FreshMail Designer to create your brand new template that provides features such as A/B and anti-spam testing, and behavioral targeting, while eliminating the need to use Photoshop or other graphic programs. You get an intuitive drag and drop tool with responsive templates that display your newsletter correctly each time, according to the type of device used by your subscribers to read it. To make the most out of the responsiveness feature, use a single column when constructing your template for devices that are smaller.

Alternatively, you can try a ready template that can include special designs aimed for Valentine’s Day campaigns, for instance. Depending on your marketing needs, you can choose an easy-to-follow, clean template like Monile, where each category is laid out nicely in the header so that subscribers know at a glance what to expect. For example, add a dark background to make text stand out, and a simple yet beautiful image in the center to draw attention. Consider whether you want a large header image, the option of placing banners and widgets on one or both sides, or maybe even at the bottom.

Note that predictability is very important, which means that the layout should stay the same from newsletter to newsletter, and only the content should be altered. Content is king when it comes to newsletters; it should add value to what readers get from your website and offer useful information such as tips and tricks, or promotions, or whatever type of content made your readers sign up in the first place.

You will also receive detailed reports so that you can assess the success of your campaign; analyze the outcome to continuously improve your newsletters and the results you expect to get from them.


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