iphone 5Is your iPhone 5 out of guarantee now? Are you having problems in your iPhone now? Are you worried about how to fix it? There is nothing to think so much about it. Every gadget is a working machine which can get problems anytime. And the good thing is that you can easily fix all sorts of problems with the help of right parts, tools, instructions and as well as the determination.

Here are some tips which will help you in repairing your iPhone 5 and will make sure that the work is done in a right way.

  • Smashed screen problem: Do you have a busted screen problem with your iPhone? If you have the smashed screen, it cannot be repaired at the apple care even if your mobile was under the guarantee period. In case you have not opted for apple care then, you will have to spend a lot of money to get it repaired.

For repairing it, you will need suction cup to pull out the smashed display screen out and attached cables to expose from it. Secondly, you will need the iPhone 5 digital and LCD replacement tool. Thirdly, the five point screw driver which will help you to remove the security screws which are on the sides of lighting connector port. Fourthly, the spudger tool which helps in the prying all the cables of the logic board. Fifth is the screwdriver which will help you in the removing the 3 screws holing the digitizer and LCD. Razor blade is another tool in the iPhone 5 Repair Kits which is used in second method of removing the smashed screen in case the first method fails.

  • Worn out battery problem: is your phone 2 years old? At this time most of the phone batteries likely to get out of the age. The main reason can be overheating, if it’s not getting charged easily, turning off even if the battery is 20 percent left and not getting on unless and until it is plugged. All these problems can be solved by replacing the old age battery of your iPhone as these are very common problems which most of the people face with iPhones. In order to replace the worn out battery of your iPhone you will need all the similar tools as in the repairing of the busted screen.
  • Logic board problem: Are you facing problems with your iPhone logic board? All you can do is to detach the logic board first but, you might face problems with the screws connected to it as, it is held with the help of three screws and the SIM card. If you remove all the 3 screws then also the logic board will be held at its place with the help of SIM card. To detach the logic board, remove both the things first gently and then try it from base and lift it. One thing while detaching should be kept in mind is that, it should not disturb the connection of the antenna.

By Techwacky

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