XealMobile_OnlineMobileWebsiteBuilderXeal Mobile is an online platform that offers state of the art solutions for the creation and management of mobile-friendly websites. This online mobile website builder is suitable for those who either already have a website that works fine on a desktop, but not on a mobile device, or who do not own a website, but want to build one for mobile

Aside from the growing number of people accessing the Internet from a mobile device, starting April 21st, Google will introduce a series of changes that will basically rate websites according to how mobile friendly they are. This will have immediate impact on which pages rank and which fail, so optimizing your site for mobile devices is vital for your business.

There are just 3 quick and easy steps that you need to follow to create your mobile website with Xeal Mobile: first, sign up for a free trial, then choose a design and customize it, and finally publish your mobile site. It only takes minutes (under 7 minutes on average) and no programming knowledge or software download are needed to build your site with the easiest mobile website builder available on the internet.

Priced for small to medium business, this is a truly affordable service at $USD 37 per month. There is a simple monthly flat rate with no hidden costs or commitments, that gives you full access to everything the platform has to offer. There are no different fees for different members. Their billing system is completely automated and secure.

Moreover, their list of full featured and stunning designs is expanding continuously, so that you can pick whatever suits you best. Xeal Mobile offers: easy to use SEO tools to make your mobile website search engine friendly; marketing; Google Analytics integration; eCommerce for mobile so that you can easily promote your business and sell your products, and receive PayPal payments in real time; Contact forms, Image galleries, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Social Media, Click to call and more!

As with any online platform, make sure to read carefully the terms of service before you start using it. Note that while you are solely responsible for the content you provide on your mobile website, you are not allowed to publish or link to any of the following: pornographic or violent content, material to which you do not own the copyright or that is pirated; hateful, slanderous content. Should you not comply with these terms, you are given 48 hours to take the necessary actions, otherwise your account will be suspended. These terms are necessary to ensure a pleasant and safe online experience for all involved.

As previously mentioned, all new members get a FREE trial for 14 days to help decide if Xeal Mobile is right for them. It has never been easier – and faster – to create mobile websites on a budget! All you have to do is sign up for the free trial and give it a try!

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com