Walkera-QR-X350-best-cheap-drones-to-buyWe have all heard the word drone . So what are drones, they are nothing but an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) also known as quad-copters. They are our future. They are like an air-flying robot. It is controlled by a controlling device which are remote controllers. Technology has advanced so much that one can easily integrate the remote controller to your pc/laptop and control the drone from your computer.

Imagine you are on a trip/vacation somewhere away from the city and you want to order a pizza but you learn that the service is not available in the region and at the same time you are dying of hunger. What would you do ? You probably wished that there existed something like a small airplane/helicopter that would deliver pizza wherever you go. But you should not be worried because a similar technology is on the verge of gaining popularity.

Drone(also quadcopter) is one of the highest trending topics at present.

Whether we say it or not but we all wished we were pilots, driving an aerial vehicle , having fun.

Now you don’t need to suppress your adrenaline rush because drones have become publicly available, you can buy a drone and be the owner of it. All you have to do is spend some bucks and you will get a ready and running drone at your doorstep.

Actually it is very difficult to find information on how and where to buy drone in Australia .

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority, or CASA, looks after flying machines above our heads all around the nation. As a result, it’s also responsible for looking after the safe use of drones in Australia. It efines its operation in two categories :

  1. Commercial Use
    You need to get certification from CASA. More information can be found on their website http://casa.gov.au. Note that if you are caught flying drones for commercial purposes you will have to face legal consequences.
  2. Civil Use
    But the rules for general users are quite relaxed and simple
  • Stay at least 30 metres away from people with your drone.
  • Keep your drone under 400 feet (121.92m).
  • You may not operate your drone above a large gathering of people such as crowds
  • You must keep your drone within sight while you’re operating it.
  • You may not operate your drone within 5km of an airport and a place where planes take off or land from.

In short if you need to obey some general guidelines and with certain restrictions you can fly your own drown in the homeland Australia. If you want to buy a drone and still unsure which one to buy you can contact us and we will provide you the information on which drone to buy for you specific needs and we will also help you in finding stores in Australia.

You can also opt for buying a drone online which you can find it in our next article.

Actually it is very hard for people who aren’t familiar with technical terms to choose the perfect one for their need. There are a variety of drones available in the market but you need to find the one that better suits your needs. There are some points which you should consider before buying a drone :

  1. Are you buying it for fun and want to explore
  2. Are you planning to use it in your business, such as delivering items
  3. Are you from surveillance & security and want to monitor traffic and chase cars
  4. Are you going to conduct a survey such as surveying your crop fields and use it in measurement and administration
  5. Are you a student and want to learn its features and try to develop one of your own

Well whatever category you fall in it is obvious that if you have come this much in reading you genuinely want to have it next day. There is a wide variety of drones and you can use our website http://www.drone-test.com to find information on various models

By Techwacky

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