facebook likeI have a question to ask you: Are you ready to purchase “likes” for your Facebook page? If the answer is YES, my response is: Why are you doing this to me? Buying fans makes no sense, and if you’re thinking about doing it, I can assure you that you don’t possess the right mentality for succeeding in business. I am going to tell you why in this article.

Why do some people want to buy fans?

The people seeking to buy fans on whichever social network are doing so because they can’t attract real fans naturally, and there’s a reason for this. They don’t understand the true function of social networks. There are the “major” names in marketing that some people view as Gods that buy fans to seem more credible in other people’seyes. They want to appear “respectable” because they have thousands of fans, but that only works for a short time because when they post an article or what have you, THEY DON’T RECEIVE ANY LIKES OR COMMENTS!!!

A good number of people think that having a lot of fans leads you straight to success. The problem with this purchasing of fans is that when people come across your page, they will see that you have thousands of fans but your pages is a desert, without comments and without “likes” on your posts. You are going to lose all credibility.Plus, if people visit the wall of your page and see that it was just created and that you have 10000 “likes,” you can say “bye bye” to having real fans, the ones that “like” things, the ones that leave comments, and the ones that measure you by your actions.

How do companies provide you with fans?

They use software that creates Facebook counts and that likes your page, or they pay cheap labor to create these fan numbers. They use the kind of technology that tricks Facebook into thinking they are “human” users, but computers are actually becoming your fans. In paying these companies, you are buying fans that do nothing for you.

Plus, Facebook is improving day-by-day and is beginning to understand the behavior of “non-human” users. Thousands of them have already been banned.You will probably end up purchasing fans only to see Facebook block them. It’s really not worth the hassle.

So, if you pay these companies, will they supply you with fans? YES.

Will that be beneficial for your business? NO, for the reasons described above.

I created my Facebook page about two weeks ago, and I have 9 to 10 fans. Do I get bent out of shape about it? Why should I? I know that with time I am going to get real fans who like my publications, who ask me questions, and who can have good conversations with me and that’s the way to do it. Be patient…

Do you have 10 fans as well? They are 10 people who like what you’re doing and believe in you. They are worth your posting publications for, and they deserve your interest in them.

Do you want fans? Instead of giving your money to a company that will furnish you with fake fans, I would enthusiastically encourage you to join us and take a course about the function of social networking; it will significantly benefit your business.If this is what you really want, click this link.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com