nJpaNvoM_400x400Today, almost all careers, politics, and educational opportunities are open to men and women. The majority of western countries and organizations practice gender equality. But unfortunately, the social norms that prevail in the 21stcentury still expect males to initiate dates, sex, and relationships. I know all the guys out there think it is totally unfair. It is guys who have most often been rejected, embarrassed, and destined to feel depressed.

Forget about all the drama you have to put up with once your crush rejects you. What about the sleepless nights and endless hours you suffered to figure out a way to ask her out or to make sure she notices you? The amount of data you wasted on searching endless tips and hints from so-called online pick up artists and dating gurus? The way you spend most of your hard earned money just to buy her an expensive gift to ensure she chooses you over some random guy that she meets at a bar or restaurant?

What about the dreams you cherished about a perfect date or sometimes even a relationship. It is true that she did not ask for any of these and she did not know any of these fantasies that were flooding your mind, but in the end it is us, guys, who are always hurt and who have to hide our face in shame if girls reject us!

Is that all a guy has to bear to get a girl’s consent? I wish so! A girl has no idea about how your heart races and you blood pressure spikes up when you are about to ask her out. It is not at all pleasant when you are running out of words and are starring at her like an idiot not knowing what happened to that perfect plan you sketched in your mind and rechecked a million times for any loop holes or flaws. This is the harsh moment where you realize that the easy and self-confident way a guy in a movie asks out the cute blonde is nothing but a well-played act. Well, you are not the only person who thinks dating or approaching a girl is a torture. It takes time, practice and a ton of self-confidence before a guy could make a perfect entrance. But even then there will surely be some awkward feelings left deep inside.

The worst let down is what you have to spend during all your dates to impress the girl. What if you find out that you two don’t have much in common or that you don’t have strong feelings for her like you thought you did? Wouldn’t everything be just a waste? And what about when you realize that you have to start all over again? Does it have to be this complicated? Can’t there be a simpler method to determine whether she is in to you and whether you have any luck with the cute, sassy girl you have your eyes on?

Well let me tell you my friend, there is a method, and it is called Tinder!

Tinder is currently one of the most popular dating sites because it makes dating a lot easier and inexpensive! I have no intension of talking about all the advantages of Tinder, since I am well aware that you have already heard of it. But if you are new to the dating world and haven’t heard much about Tinder, well get on that! Simply, it helps search eligible beauties in your vicinity. It will find your location using GPS and use your Facebook information to gather some basic details like your first name, age, some of your photos and pages you ‘liked’ to create your Tinder profile. Once it is done you are ready to search for potential dates based on your preferences. Once you come across a suggestion, and you are interested in getting to know her better, you swipe right on your screen to “like” her, if not you swipe left to “dislike” and continue to the next person. It’s as simple as that. If your crush also “likes” you, you two get notified that you have “Matched” and can now get to know each other better though direct messaging. No more uncomfortable situations of asking her out or anything related to it. Plus she won’t know that you ‘liked’ her until she’ likes’ you, thus embarrassment at rejection has been eliminated.

True that Tinder is a great app, but it could be improved. And that is where Tools For Tinder (www.ToolsForTinder.com) comes in. Tools For Tinder is like an upgraded version of Tinder, an extremely upgraded version. Unlike Tinder, which only lets you see one potential match at a time, Tools For Tinder allows you to compare all of the beautiful girls around you at the same time. The Profile Images are shown in a customizable “Results View” screen with a single tap of the “Refresh Button”. You could either “Like All” of them for more satisfying results, or if you like to hand pick your potential dates, that option is also available with the “Like Selected” button.

Another powerful feature of Tools For Tinder that is seriously lacking in Tinder is the ability to Search and Filter your potential Match Results. It works by searching your Results Profile Text and Names for a keyword you set. This can be used to find people who have common interests such as “dogs”, listed Social Media Accounts like Snapchat or Facebook in their Profiles. It can even be used to find your Friends that have been too ashamed to admit they use Tinder, for reasons unknown! They can’t hide anymore!

The newly added ability to turn “Download Image Results” On or Off is another important tactic used by the Tools For Tinder Developers to make your experience even better. It works to greatly reduce your data consumption, as well as to eliminate the risk of your app crashing due to insufficient device memory. Plus, if you are just using the “Like All” function, who really looks at the pictures anyways!

Furthermore, they have recently added the ability to “Set Location” to anywhere in the world. This allows you to trick Tinder into thinking you are some place you aren’t, enabling you to get matches in the next city you plan on travelling to; before you arrive.

Combine this with “Automatic Mode”, which sits in the background of your device, automatically downloads, and “Likes” everyone around you all day long, and you have an unstoppable App, which puts the fun back into Tinder.

Well, I’m going to stop here, and let you explore the dating world with confidence thanks to this new mobile app that is only a few clicks away. Tools For Tinder is available on the Apple App Store as both an Ad-Supported Free Version and a Paid Version. Paid Version users, besides not seeing any Ads, will also enjoy new features first, as well as receive priority technical support.

For you Android users, expect to see it in the Play Store sometime next week we are told.

Good luck, as Tools For Tinder puts it, “Getting TOO MANY Matches!”


By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com