ludovic_biyong_camernews“Because I believe as an African grown in Europe that I must get involved and be part of the change that I wish to see in my country through initiatives like Camernews.” – Ludovic Biyong

Cameroon, a nation of Africa, and its surrounding area is reaping the benefits of the hard work and innovation of the young 29-year-old French-born Ludovic Biyong and his social/business networking website  Biyong founded camernews as an internet-based platform for Africans to access up-to-date information about news, politics, the economy, popular culture and any other trending stories.

His vision did not stop at providing news and information; also provides users with classified advertisements, employment opportunities, information on Cameroon to promote tourism and many other network facilities.

This website utilizes the the power of the internet extensively, acting as a one-stop shop for day-to-day life, needs and activities for Africans to access.  This provides great benefits to the country and surrounding areas in a plethora of different ways, stimulating the economy by bringing together people with similar goals and interests and matching employers with the employees they need.

The site is everything a developing country needs to succeed and grow in terms of telecommunication, networking and distributing information.  One of the obstacles Africa faces in comparison to much of the modern world is the lack of access to the instantaneous communication of the internet that many nations take for granted.  The limitations in opportunities for people with similar visions and ambitions to find each other and take action has limited Africa’s ability to build up its economic, social and political infrastructure.

Ludovic Biyong has dedicated himself to help change this.  Born and educated as a software engineer in France, Biyong moved in 1997 to Cameroon in Africa and fell quickly for the culture and lifestyle there.  With deep roots in the area, he found in himself with a sense of social duty to work for the betterment of the nation.

newlogo1-300x90The beginning stages of his website development were rooted in a lack of financial resources, but this did not stop the skilled entrepreneur’s work from reaching the top ten chart of Cameroonian websites.  Contrary to popular business tactics, he and his team promoted their website in non-risky non-costly ways and instead used sheer motivation and a lot of time maneuvering through search engines and online social marketing.

Biyong’s vision for this much needed site began with his own affinity for the development of networking in the world wide web.  He explains, “like all young people, I enjoy waking up every day to see all of the exciting new ways the internet can be leveraged and my favorite thing is passing that knowledge on to my visitors in meaningful and valuable ways.”

After noticing the way social networking had changed the patterns of economic development, he decided to found his website to provide Cameroonians of all societal levels with a platform to share and receive information.  He began with a platform for news and classified ads, and moved into job offers and other fields as his site gained in popularity.  His perceptiveness in what the modern world needs in order to prosper in our well-connected technological society has brought many blessings to Cameroon and will surely continue to do so.

Future plans for include launching iPhone and Android applications, offering more tourism information about the local culture and creating sports-related activities to entertain and bring together the people of Cameroon.

Biyong’s hope for the long-run development of is to provide a place for young, ambitious and capable Cameroonian people to seek investors, mergers and partners to facilitate innovation and development for the betterment of the country as a whole.

By Techwacky

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