dancehub_logo_redDancing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the world. In the United States alone, almost 100 million people list Dance as an interest on Facebook. Currently, a big portion of this subset relies on word of mouth to find dance classes and instructors in their city. The biggest pain for these dance hobbyists is staying informed about when and where their instructors will be teaching their next class. Almost half of the dance instructors teach part-time, and in multiple locations, so their schedule and dance lesson times are always subject to last minute changes. Enter DanceHub, an online marketplace that allows dance professionals to stay in touch with dance students and enthusiasts and keep them in the loop effortlessly. DanceHub does not intend to replace the existing marketing channels for dance professionals and dance studios; in fact, it hopes to supplement and enhance the marketing efforts of the dance professionals who currently market through their own websites and social media.

Since launch, the site has seen more than 2500 user signups in Austin, Phoenix, Washington DC, San Francisco and NYC metropolitan areas. Still in beta, DanceHub is working on enhancing it’s services based on the feedback from early adopters.

DanceHub allows dance enthusiasts to find, follow, and connect with local dance teachers, studios, and events. DanceHub helps dance instructors keep their existing students informed, while connecting them with potential new students. DanceHub hopes to serve as a resource that provides timely information about local dance events in the dance community. With the rise of social, local and mobile marketing, it is only a matter of time for a company like DanceHub step up and connect the marketplace with such technology.

logo_circle400As a dance instructor, you are going to love DanceHub.  Being a part of the DanceHub community will enable other DanceHub members to explore what you have to offer by making your dance classes and workshops easily searchable.  Your students will be able to either follow you or follow one of your dance activities.  DanceHub is working hard to automate a lot of the communication and relationship management so you can focus on teaching your students and sharing your passion! Isn’t that why you became a dance teacher in the first place?

“DanceHub is building powerful online tools for dance professionals that save time, increase revenue, and actually decrease marketing and servicing costs. Meanwhile, dance enthusiasts benefit from a marketplace that is tightly integrated and is just a click away.”

~Abhi Dobhal, Founder & Early Investor

For dance enthusiasts, DanceHub’s online community allows you to explore and find others that share your passion and dance interests.  You can connect with other members and build your network of peers who share your passion for dance. Whether you are looking for a dance partner or just friends, DanceHub should fit your needs perfectly.

DanceHub is working hard on its next generation mobile friendly platform. DanceHub is free for both dance enthusiasts and dance instructors. DanceHub expects to service international markets by December 2014. So sign up, tell your friends and help support this amazing endeavor. In their words, Explore, Connect, Dance!

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