seo-serviceSEO or organic search optimization is a practice that has strongly developed over the last years. It aims to register websites on search engines and web directories and to improve their visibility, ensuring a better positioning.  In Montreal, there are many companies promising an excellent positioning in order to get a better traffic, but unfortunately, very few are equipped enough to adapt themselves to the quick evolutions of the sector. Hence the need to offer very advanced SEO services, in perfect adequation with the frequent changes on the most innovative solutions. That’s the challenge that is taking, a service launched by Mohammed ALAMI and dedicated to SEO in Montreal.

Why ? is the result of a long process, the fruit of several years of research made by its creator Mohammed ALAMI, freelance SEO specialist  and big figure of SEO in Montreal. After creating and managing many blogs, web development and e-marketing websites, SEO becomes the area this web technologies and e-commerce passionate moves to. This platform aims essentially to provide companies with innovative solutions to impact positively on their results and increase their financial results by generating a more important traffic. It performs in several areas, including organic SEO, paid SEO, local SEO and remains an important resource for all individuals wishing to improve their comprehension in this extraordinary dynamic area.

Services offered on

The website offers a variety of services to allow companies to improve their performance and get better results. These performances are grouped in 5 large categories: Website auditing, Competition benchmarking, SEO strategy, SEO implementation tracking, and Incoming links analysis.

  • Website auditing aims to improve the SEO performance through a complete diagnostic allowing to identify the technical issues of your website, to analyze the editorial content and to emit external signals via links and social networks.
  • Competition benchmarking allows to identify the operating strategies of your competitors and to determine the efficiency of your website on several key domains.
  • The SEO strategy, which is the logical follow-up of the previous services allows you to elaborate an SEO roadmap on SEO Montreal in adequation with your e-marketing strategy, while considering your quick gain points and your performance indicators.
  • After the elaboration of a roadmap, SEO implementation tracking is an essential step for the success of any SEO campaign. It’s all about making sure that all the defined strategies are in perfect adequation with the defined goals, and then to ensure their implementation to get the desired results.
  • Google, like most search engines, changes constantly by always integrating new features and improvements. It launches regularly new updates (Panda, Penguin, etc.) that affect the way the website links are treated. Therefore, it is important to use the services of an SEO expert who will be able to update these links regularly to prevent the loss of natural traffic by your website.

As you can realize, is an ideal way to ensure an efficient and reliable SEO.

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