Tool-KitHere are the top causes of a slow running machine:

#1 – Virus/Malware – Computer Needs a Simple Clean Up ($59 Fee in-shop)

#2 – Hard Drive (Hardware) Issues (common after 3-5 years, or with HP systems, for some reason, I’ve been seeing those Hard-drives going bad in a single year lately. Bad quality control there)

#3 – Low RAM Memory (2 GB or Less)

Virus? Do it yourself – How Do The Pro’s Remove A Virus?

Is It Virus & Clean-up Related? This happens when there are unwanted programs loaded on the machine, ones that add strange homepages and advertisements and tool-bars. Many of these programs claim to ‘fix’ the machine ‘speed up’ ‘optimize’ and all that, anything of that sort is an absolute bad thing

If you want to fix this properly and would like a chance to see what most professional PC repair guys use (the REAL ones) there is a RARE opportunity to actually BUY a very successful computer repair company’s proprietary collection of utilities that are carried upon their thumb drives. If you look up this company in Arizona, USA, you will find that all across the net, they have top reviews – Especially within Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, and Scottsdale. Search ‘ Nick’s Laptop Repair’, because they have a laptop specialty shop in Chandler. Read on…

Update: October 2014 we are now offering our entirely unique collection of pc tech (including virus removal) tools as a single download. It is NOT free. This is a collection proprietary to our company and years in the making. As we are confident and the utilities within are not stolen or copyrighted; We are offering it all here as a downloadable product (zip file of nearly 5GB) 


NOW! On to other causes…


Hard drive errors: they cause the computer to pause for long lengths of time, 30 second to 2 minutes, and then it returns to normal after the pause, and the problem increases over a period of months.

Low RAM Memory:  So, How Much Memory Do You have Installed? Well, Select ‘Control Panel’ Then ‘system’, from there it will display important info on your CPU type and memory installed.  Should be 2 GB at the very least, hopefully 4 GB or better.

Thanks for reading! -Ni

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