PrintThe world of ecommerce is an exciting and always changing one. How you approach your operation – a top-to-bottom approach – will ultimately dictate the performance of sales. Recent studies have proven that online shoppers want cheap or free shipping. Since offering free shipping is generally not within budget, cheap shipping is the best solution.

By and far, more than 70% of your prospective customers want cheap shipping. Of course, shipping is one of the largest costs that you must encumber, in addition to the cost of handling and fulfillment time.

But there is a way to get discounted shipping via USPS expedited Priority Mail shipments by using a discount digital postage provider. One popular choice is to use a service called Endicia (which also has a rival named – read related article that compares Endicia Versus

Here are a few reasons why Endicia can work like a charm for your ecommerce store.

Offering Lower Shipping Prices to Customers

As previous stated, customers want cheap shipping. They’ll actually shop around between various online stores to see who offers the lower shipping price. Since you are likely matching competitor prices to garner sales, you also must think about matching their shipping prices as well.

Endicia gives you an advantage in this regard, because you can offer low cost Priority Mail shipping with a speedy one-to-three day delivery date. This will allow you to retain a competitive lead with your rivals, resulting in more sales and repeat buyers in your funnel.

Easing Fulfillment Time with a Faster Process

There are ways that you can ease fulfillment time, one way is by using a better system. Endicia allows you to print digital postage directly from your printer. But if you are not using an efficient label printing system, you could be spending more time than you really need to with fulfilling your orders.

Instead, look for universal shipping labels. These combine a packing list, comment card and 4”x6” shipping label that simply peels off and sticks right to the box. Now you can print your invoice and comments as well as shipping label from one sheet, reducing the time necessary to fulfill your orders.

How Integrated Software Can Save You Time

Make sure you explore your options with software. A number of companies make Endicia compatible shipping software. This software is able to integrate into your shopping cart or online marketplace, able to import your orders for processing with automators that reduce your fulfillment time.

With a number of options to choose from in this arena, we did some poking around. A company called TrueShip that we found makes compatible software ( that can integrate with Endicia to generate shipping labels and digital postage.

A number of other providers exist. Most offer a trial usage period. Be sure you fully examine your options with shipping software for Endicia, so you can find the most ideal fit for your ecommerce needs. Happy hunting!

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