cloud-service-providersThere are many uses of the cloud, but the most well-known use of the cloud is probably in relation to file storage and sharing.  Because of the cloud, it is now much easier to access large files online, and there is no more need to send large attachments anymore.  Another important use of the cloud is in relation to cloud databases.  As the majority of web applications need a database, cloud databases help developers as the entire infrastructure and monitoring is done as a service rather than by a database administrator

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are also using the cloud.  Companies are benefiting from having cloud-based CRM systems dealing with customer information and revenue.  Email is another application that is ready to move over to the cloud.  Rather than hosting an Exchange server under a desk of a company, it would be more appropriate to move email to the cloud.

File backup is something that everyone should be doing to keep important documents and files safe, and the cloud is ideal for this as backups can run automatically rather than requiring scheduling, and the files will be stored at a remote location, accessible at anytime from anywhere.  The cloud also has uses in Web Site Hosting, e-commerce, Test and Development, and through Private and Hybrid Clouds, and will become even more popular as time goes by.

Guest Author Thomas Vye

By Techwacky

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