windows_8_point_1The most significant update coming with the new Microsoft Windows 8.1 is the possibility to adopt the operating system a lot faster and easier. Both amateurs and professionals can benefit from the new functionality, regardless of their experience. Practically, the general idea is that Windows 8.1 brings in a lot of helpful fixes and tweaks, as well as the long gone Start button. Searching is more facile, while booting to your desktop has never been easier. If you have already purchased Windows 8 before, this product is available for free. If you have not, you might need to look for a few Microsoft store coupon codes. Fortunately, there are plenty of them.

Hello, Start button!

For a while, customers believed that Microsoft has actually lost the track of what they really wanted. This is why the Start button was brought back in. Whether you tap it on the screen, click on it or just hit the Windows key available on most keyboards, you will love having this front door once again. Right clicking this button will provide even more possibilities. You will gain access to a plethora of options, including search functions, command prompt terminals, task managers and so on. The new Start menu interface looks a little unusual, but evolution is part of the process. You will get used to it pretty soon though.

Implementing a detailed search engine

You can probably remember how inefficient the search function was a while ago. Unless the keyword was actually in the file name, it barely retrieved any results. This problem persisted for more than a decade, since the older versions of Windows. This new internal search engine is worth every coin. You can perform deep searches in very small details too. As long as you know exactly what you are looking for, there is no way to fail. This is a complete 180 degree improvement. Besides, you do not even need to spend too much on this update. Just look for some Microsoft store coupon codes and you can seriously cut the costs, unless you have already bought Windows 8.

Changing both the perception & implementation of the OS

Microsoft has successfully managed to improve both the perception and implementation of this update. From some points of view, Microsoft Windows 8.1 is an experiment – a quite successful one too. Windows 8 is no longer a random operating system, but a brand. It is expected to dominate Microsoft for a long period of time. You can forget about your old fashioned misconceptions related to this operating system. If there are any bad reviews out there, negative word of mouth is probably the cause.

A little rebranding was a wild guess for Microsoft, but it worked. The interface and radical tile based design is exactly what users wanted to see. The new system proves that the way people see computers and applications has drastically changed over the past couple of years. Whether you count the performance, SkyDrive integration, high level of personalization or brand new appearance, all these elements add to the popularity of Windows 8.1.

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