smartphoneIn this generation, the phone you buy should have pretty much all the standard features like camera, internet access and downloadable applications. Still, what exactly are the features that a user likes to see in any Smartphone regardless of the company that manufactures it and the Operating-system it utilizes. Until a few years back, Apple’s iPhone was the dream phone for every end user. But today companies like Samsung are making Smartphones with quite incredible capabilities that the iPhone owners can merely dream about. Allow me to share a few of the features that every Smartphone maker should incorporate in their Smartphone, regardless of what Os they use.

Waterproof Smartphone

You can find a number of manufacturers who sell water resistant cases for your smartphone, but yet they are expansive thereby making the phone weighty and unattractive. However, a reliable waterproof Smartphone have been available for a while now. You should have seen or caught wind of that Galaxy S5. The fascinating thing is that, the phone operates faultlessly under water as it usually does.

Selfie Mode

The act of taking selfie is fairly uncomfortable, the person that wants to have a good shot must stretch out the arm to its limit and then aim the camera on his/her face, and should also attempt to tap the touch screen without wiggling the camera. In this regard the HTC One has designed the method a bit less uncomfortable by putting a timer to its front camera. You now have a certain time to settle and position for a perfect photo.

Additional Features include Live Tiles and Voice Assistance feature.

Smartphone systems are growing at a fast tempo and moving in the direction of the perfection. The aforementioned features are those that really should be included every Smartphone since these features are the most desired types.

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