Allows Importation of Apple, Google or Outlook Calendar Data for Billing Allows 

dayjpgWorkbox Software LLC, a New York City-based software development company, announced today that it has added new functions to Workbox, its already robust iPad accounting app for small businesses. The new additions allow entrepreneurs on the go to import data from their Apple, Google or Outlook calendars for easier bill generation. Users can also use the new capabilities to assign an image or PDF to their expenses and to track mileage.

Workbox, currently in the top 100 finance apps at the Apple Store, provides most of the day-to-day accounting functions entrepreneurs need to run their businesses. Built-in timers record hours worked for each client, and the Workbox users can keep track of billable appointments, products sold and services provided. It can handle both billable and non-billable expenses as well as recurring appointments and fees relying on a highly intuitive interface. Workbox also greatly facilitates the billing process, not only generating bills but also tracking accounts receivable. It allows the small businessperson on the move to enter client payments and access a full suite of reports. And all of it from the user’s iPad.

Designed as a supplement to full-blown but desktop bound accounting packages, Workbox addresses the needs of an increasing mobile marketplace. Bob Glass, founder of Workbox and a software developer with more than three decades of experience, explained, “Being in business for yourself used to mean living at the office, and if you had a business where you went to the client, it meant working late into the night to get the accounting done. Those days are ending, and Workbox is helping entrepreneurs get home in time for dinner.”

About Workbox
expensehertzUsers can download the app for a 90-day free trial. After the 90-day trial period, users pay just a monthly subscription of $4.99. The software resides on the iPad itself, meaning that it works even when the device is not connected to the Internet. Users come from a wide array of professions such as healthcare, consultants, graphic designers, software developers, artists, landscapers, store owners, lawyers and other small operators and professionals.

Glass stated, “Workbox handles all of the accounting functions that are necessary to have in the field, and we are constantly working to make these functions more user-friendly and comprehensive. We have designed our app to augment what your accountant does for you, and many of our clients say that their accountants appreciate the support that Workbox provides. A single tap generates whatever sort of report is needed.

allcharges“The new functionalities we have added will make Workbox a more powerful workhorse for entrepreneurs. If your business has to keep track of mileage, you know how much time and effort that takes. Workbox handles it for you so that you spend only a fraction of the resources on it. If you take a potential client to lunch, you don’t have to keep up with the paper receipt and staple it to an expense report – just snap a picture of the receipt and attach it to the expense entry in the app.”

Glass continued, “Being able to import calendar data from Apple, Google or Outlook platforms will save time and reduce aggravation for people who live by these. With a single tap, your appointments move into the accounting software and become actionable data for billing and reports. Workbox offers a full suite of reports including time analysis, expense analysis, billing, aged accounts receivable, client payments, sales tax and project tracking.”

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