qipackQi Wireless Charging + Battery Pack = QiPack. The universal mobile and wireless power solution for iPhone, Android phones and more.

We believe that wireless capabilities offer a better way of living. When we envisioned the new generation of charging on-the-go, we wanted to create a solution that was universal, mobile and completely wireless – QiPack was the answer. This inductive charging pad offers wireless charging and a backup battery pack all in one sleek device. Say goodbye to the hassle of cords, tangled wires and bulky chargers, and say hello to easy, on-the-go charging with QiPack.

Most inductive charging pads sit on a desk and need to be plugged into an outlet. When users need to charge their device at home or in the office, they simply place it on the charging plate without the hassle of finding wires and plugging it in. But QiPack also acts as an external battery pack that users can take with them while they¡¯re on the move, no outlet necessary.

QiPack’s thin and sleek design makes it perfect for charging whenever necessary. At only 8.9 millimeters thick, simply slip QiPack in your pocket to power up your device anywhere at anytime. The thin, lightweight and sleek design allows you to use it anywhere from a restaurant to a business meeting without cramping your style.

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By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com