Snaps_Design_Showcase_2013v2 In April 2013 the New York based Snaps App launched #SnapsShowcase: the first ever Virtual Design Showcase to take place across mobile platforms. It has gathered world-wide participation by multidisciplinary designers keen to capitalize on current photo-sharing trends. We spoke with Brenda Roberts Costa, creator of the #SnapsShowcase.

How did the idea come around: “I became interested in the vast audience that resides on mobile platforms and how artists unfamiliar to this fast-paced technological environment could reach these mobile viewers. I’d say #SnapsShowcase originates from a desire to adapt to the changing ladscape of new technologies, aiming at promoting a more dynamic and collaborative creative culture by allowing artists to self-promote their work across social networks.”

How’s it doing: “We’re currently showcasing over 25 different designers from 9 different countries and 5 different disciplines, with hundreds of photos shared, so its looking pretty colorful to say the least! We have Ryan Quincy from the USA, DGPH from Argentina, Chocotoy from Venezuela, Little Stitches from Switzerland, GunwanLo from Singapore, Youthless from Portugal/ USA / UK, Lucia Fernandez Muniz from Spain and the list goes on and on…”

Design_Feat5How does it work: “ #SnapsShowcase runs on our App. Once we receive submissions from designers, we upload the artworks as virtual content, allowing anyone who downloads the app to take photos featuring the designers’ artwork. So far we’ve featured photographers, illustrators, animators, musicians and filmmakers. The beauty of this showcase is that it allows designers who’s work doesn’t live within the digital realm to have their work featured on a mobile app, where fans can not only interact with their work, but share these newly created photo collages across social networks, therefore applying an interesting layer of experimentation.”

Results: “The way I see it, and beyond the element of world-wide distribution, #SnapsShowcase has demonstrated to be a versatile tool for designers, offering a broad fan of features. This is such an innovative tool we’re offering designers and we are seeing very interesting results. We currently have a channel by Little Stitches, a design studio from Zurich, who not only used our app to present their work in a recent animation festival, but have also devised the way to run photo contests and further fan engaging actions online which is producing some fantastic work. In a way its like sending your work out into the world for people to play with, with the added bonus that you can follow those results at real-time.”

Whats in for the Designers: “Beyond exposure, promotion and free distribution, our app provides several additional features, such as forwarding users to a specific site selected by the designers, which in most cases is an online store where users can purchase the work they have just taken a photo with. I see this showcase as a creative ecosystem where we invite designers to exploit the capabilities of our app for their benefit, and provide that digital/mobile extension to designers who otherwise would not have been able to access this mobile environment. Also, did I mention designers retain all rights over their artwork at all times?”

Brenda Roberts Costa is Head of Creative at a mobile platform in New York City. You can contact her at [email protected] for more details on how to join #SnapsShowcase

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