Digital Cool 5 Style Apps for MenCreating your own style doesn’t mean you have to flip through hundreds of clothing pieces on a rack or read through every style blog on the Web. Instead, whip out your smartphone and download one of these handy style apps to keep yourself looking dapper at all times.

1. Tie-a-Tie Deluxe 
Whether you’re putting on a fancy tie for work or dinner date, the Tie-a-Tie Deluxe is an Apple app that shares seven different ways to tie a tie knot. Each tie knot comes with detailed instructions with images for better understanding. The app also gives tips on which shirt collars go well with which tie knot style.

2. Stylebook for Men
Known as a closet organizer, Stylebook has more than 90 features that helps you curate your closet. This curating feature allows you to create outfits with the clothes you have and find more ways to mix and match. You can import your clothing pieces, plan your outfit for the next day, and track any fashion inspirations on this customizable Apple app.

3. Cool Guy
For both Apple and Android electronics, employees at The Art of Shaving in Baton Rouge recommend Cool Guy. Cool Guy is a style planner and assistant all in one in this app. Whether it’s the clothes in your closet or the clothes you’re lusting after, Cool Guy helps you arrange the perfect outfits. You can also shop online through Cool Guy and share outfits with friends to get feedback on them.

4. Men’s Shoe Guide
With this Apple app, Men’s Shoe Guide provides a full, detailed guide of the variety of men’s shoes. From sizes to colors, Men’s Shoe Guide offers valuable information on men’s shoes that helps you choose the best one for you. It also helps you better understand fashion and teaches you how to pair shoes with certain suits, formal apparel and more.

5. Men Fashion
This Android style app provides the latest trends for men’s fashion by world-renowned designers. You can also watch videos of the most recent fashion shows from the top fashion cities in the world, from Paris to Milan. Organize your favorite styles by saving pictures to the favorites feature on the Men Fashion app and refer to them when you’re shopping for new clothes.

Whether you want to improve your appearance or maintain your current fashion, smartphone apps can help you in any styling situation. Not only do these apps help you improve or maintain your style, but they also allow you to experiment and find other clothing styles to add to your closet.

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