The 10 Best  Smartphone Apps for Businesses SuccessAndroid and iPhone have solidified their place as essential tools for the modern business worker. Smartphones have a variety of useful apps to increase your productivity and make your life more organized, whether you are preparing consumer satisfaction reports from a company like mindshare or simply transferring files. Here are the 10 best smartphone apps for business success.

1) Dropbox

Dropboxallow you to upload files into the cloud from your computer or smartphone and access them wherever you go. The app also allows you to share files with others. It is essential for someone who is always on the go.

2) Evernote

Evernote is similar to Dropbox in that it is a cloud-based service that allows you to share notes. However, with Evernote you can edit notes and make to-do lists that are synced across platforms in real time.

3) Uber

Uber is a service that allows you to call a professional driver to show up quickly and efficiently. True, it is more expensive than simply calling a cab, but if you have clients waiting at a crowded hotel lobby, every second counts.

4) FlightTrack Pro

This app gives you detailed information regarding your flight, including how often the route is delayed and detailed information about the departure times and gates. In addition, FlightTrack Pro can sync with your TripIt account to send you email updates in the event that your flight is delayed.

5) Office Suite: Documents to Go

The premium version of this app includes support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, something essential for an on-the-go business professional.

6) Skype

If you need to have a face-to-face conversation with a coworker or your boss while you are on a business trip, use Skype. It allows you to have face-to-face video conversations, make audio calls, and more.

7) Accuweather

Accuweather provides more information than the stock weather app on your phone, and it can be downloaded for free.

8) The New York Times

If you are not aware of the latest news, you may come off as ignorant to colleagues and clients. Protect yourself from this by reading the New York Times on your smartphone during your daily commute.

9) CardMunch

CardMunch allows you to take photos of business cards and save them so that you do not accidentally lose them.

10) Kayak

The Kayak app works wonders for finding a cheaper airfare rate. Use it to save money on your next business trip.

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