is basically a portal site for car owners.

It is Platform (Guessable) Email ID for car owners , for ez-Hook Up or ez-Connect.

It offers car owners email ID same as their auto license plate number, so it is guessable.

let’s face the fact we all do run into ‘wow! I like him / her really seriously’ on the street.

however, we always do not have a way of connecting  with that special person.

Now offers you the BEST  SEX you will ever have in your life time!


Online dating is very deceptive, photos are photo-shopped, most of them are not from local area. But when you saw someone attractive on the street, you got to see the real human (not photo-shopped picture), and his/her mannerism and more likely from your local area, and you knowher/his permanent identification (just in case of a crime involved later on) which is auto license plate #.

This is the best way to meet someone special !!!

car_cartoonAll you have to do is: sign up for $10 (lifetime membership fee) at, and put a logo of ‘pid’ sticker on your bumper sticker or window decal. Now you are Reachable !!! Your off-line ID becomes on-line ID with ‘pid’.

You can set up an auto responder, so that you don’t have to answer all incoming emails. Only the ones You wish to meet …their emails can reach your email box.

And you might run into a situation you have to park in front of someone’s garage. Cleverly, if your car has a ‘pid’ sticker on it, then you might get an Email Warning first, instead of getting towed.

And if you know some commercial driver who drives a company car recklessly, then you know how to file a complaint to:  auto-license-plate# + 2 digit State

* Platform Email ID for USA Car Owners:
auto-license-plate# + 2 digit of State
* Platform Email ID for non-USA Car Owners:
auto-license-plate# +2 digit State(province) +2 digit country [email protected]
(for example, a country code for Korea is ‘Kr’).

And if you run into an auto accident, you know how to contact other witnesses etc.

$10 is the best investment for the rest of your life !

Join today and get a “Sensational Logo” Sticker, pid

and put it on your bumper sticker.

Connect with Someone for Something on the Street.
Don’t miss out Something Fun.
Your Vehicle becomes a moving ‘Secretary’ for You wherever you drive and 24/7 !!



By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of