is a portal site for business owners mainly, providing its business Email ID as well as Website ID, by using one’s business phone #. since it is a platform email ID, strangers/customers can guess your business email address as well as business website URL. It is also a portal for car owners world-wide.
By using their logos on your business card or outdoor sign or newspaper Ad, people can guess how to reach your business by ‘your business, and your website URL is buisness phone#. No strange domain to buy. That is the best part of permaID’s invention. It is also a proxy email/website which connects to your regular email/website ID.
That is how ‘next google’ company is born. is the “next google” company.


PermaID works as Platform e-mail lD which is Guessable for world-wide users. PermaID works also as proxy e-mail lD which is connecting to one’s regular email and websites which is NOT guessable.
  • Auto-responder to manage spams and collect an incoming email id and send out an automatic e-newletter automatically as pre-scheduled.
  • Do-it-Yourself Website Building Tools,free.
  • It is as easy as 1-2-3 to build your Business Website without costing any extra, within 10min.
  • Powerful symbolic logos will signal that one’s permaID works as EmailID and Website URL.
  • ‘Priority Email’ Service 4 eConsultants(aka ‘Email-on-Demand’, Get-Paid-per-Reply)
  • Membership fee upon sign-up will also prevent one from Robot-generating Email lD or unlimitedly generated Email lD which is common at all current email id service providers,like or etc.

So, Any Email coming from is more likely not SPAMS,because it costs $$ to sign up, it uses one’s permanent identification as its Email ID and it is against’s Terms of Service and we can terminate that email-senders right away if a complaint is filed.

PermaID offers:

  • Platform(guessable) Business Email Address
  • Platform Business Website URL

by using Existing Business Phone number as Email ID & website URL.

This is the Biggest News for Business Owners in 2013 !

  • our Powerful logo of ‘pid’ will ensure the potential customers know of Business Email Address.
  • our powerful Autoresponder will answer Common Q/A and send out e-newsletter automatically, works like Answering Machine.
  • no more Faxing, scan Fax document & email out as Attachment.
 All for just $10 !
Once you have your business email, then you can start email-marketing campaign to increase your customers 30% more with one time email.
off-line ID becomes on-line ID with our Logo(‘pid’)
e.g. phone 213-555-1212
pid 213-555-1212

By Techwacky

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