photoeqBack in 4th March 2011 I got email from CTO & Co-founder (Mr. Petri) of SoftColor, regarding there new Automatic image editing software for windows PhotoEQ. He gave me a brief description about the product, how it works and how low memory does it take to run. You won’t believe.. it takes only 8MB memory to run this application and hence its very powerful application.

He also gave me a license to checkout PhotoEQ. Installation was pretty simple and easy. The software is a bomb. Its very fast and lots of features like, color correction, crop, resize, rotate, sharp etc. its can even save PSD versions of your image, complete with layers. This is the best one click image optimization software in the market. And I do mean it. I am using it exactly straight 2 years now. What I love about PhotoEQ is it opens so fast that I don’t even bother to open Adobe PhotoShop CS5. Unless its a very complicated image editing/designing  work. Coz i know it takes at least 40-90 sec for me to open Adobe PhotoShop.



Finally I want to say that I highly recommend any new windows computer user or even advance users that, you don’t need to buy Adobe photoshop software by selling your body parts, just get the SoftColor PhotoEQ for just  $49usd. And I guarantee you that you won’t regret not even a little bit after you use it and find how powerful and useful it is. Please Note that I am using PC for over 20 years now. And I am telling that statement from my past experience.

Here is the press release details i got from Mr. Petri.

“PhotoEQ is a lightweight native Windows application with single windows GUI and it doesn’t need any runtime libs (like .net). We have developed custom vector based GUI library for it and program takes only 8 megabytes memory while running 🙂

The secret sauce inside PhotoEQ is our in-house developed color correction solution which automatically corrects white balance, exposure and contrast problems in single step. Each color correction adjustment is a separate layer and this gives full freedom to tweak automatic color correction as you want. It can handle advanced task like batch processing and it uses layer based processing for all adjustments.”

PhotoEQ video demo to Youtube:

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