Introduction about Web hosting Service:

A web hosting service can be considered as the sort of Internet hosting service which provides the
organizations and individuals with the options to access their websites via the World Wide Web. The web
hosts are the companies which provide place on a server owned or at lease to be used by the clients,
along with providing the service for providing Internet connectivity, generally in the data center. The web
hosts are capable of providing connectivity to the internet and data center space for different servers
situated in their data center. The span of a web hosting services varies largely. The most fundamental
thing is a small scale file hosting and web page. The uploading of files by a web interface or via File
Transfer protocol (FTP) is known as the small scale file hosting.

Brief Overview about HostGator:

The HostGator is a web hosting company. It is based in the Houston with an added existence in Austin,
Texas. The HostGator was founded in the year 2002. At presence in 2012, over 8 million domains have
been hosted by HostGator hosts. With the aim of spreading its business globally all over the world the
HostGator management has made collaborations with several localized companies in the different parts
of the world. HostGator provides web hosting facilities to an individual blogs for online marketers and
large corporations.

Services offered by HostGator:

The HostGator is capable of providing various types of web hosting services for their clients including
dedicated, VPS, shared and reseller hosting. The packages of these services comes in three types of
plans mainly, they are as follows:

· Hatchling plan: The Hatchling is the cheapest and the most primary plans offered by the HostGator. It is
preferably suited for the users with the access to only one website.

· Baby Plan: The middle range packaged offered by the HostGator is the Baby plan. The main advantage
of this package is that it facilities the users to append on numerous numbers of domain as per the choice
of the user in order to develop as many websites as of their choice.

· Business Plan: Keeping in mind the needs and demands of medium sized companies the HostGator
came up with the Business plan. Apart from offering the services and facilities obtainable from the two
plans, it also provide the services like a dedicated IP address, free toll-free phone number, anonymous
FTP and access to private SSL on availing to this plan.

Advantages of Using HostGator:

The HostGator web hosting services comes up with numerous facilities, they are as follows:

· Reliable web hosting services.

· Optimal services.

· Eco friendly nature of the services.

· Easy to use.

· 24/7 customer care support facilities.

· Several payment options.

· Numerous hosting options.

· Long trial period.

Brief Overview about DreamHost:

The DreamHost is domain name registrar and a web hosting Provider Company. It is based on the Los
Angeles. It is a cloud competing business and web hosting Business Company. Established in the year
1997, recently DreamHost has developed to become one of the major leaders in the world of web hosting
service providers with over 500,000 domains hosted. It is quite evident that hosting a large number as
many as more than 500,000 domains need some extraordinary hardware and a large pool of data center
and hundreds of multiple CPU servers operating Debian Linux, is more than suitable for the task.

Advantages of DreamHost:

There are several advantages that the DreamHost is only capable of providing to its clients in the field of
web hosting, few of them are as follows:

· In addition to speed and reliability, it is also capable of providing tons of useful features to the

· For the beginners, with the web hosting purchase it provides a free domain name and in case the buyer
can also use the existing domain name.

· For clear instruction facilities, it is convenient to set up.

· It offers complete support for Perl, MySQL, Python, PHP and many more.

· It has the facility of providing complete 97 day money back guarantee.

· It also provides with limitless bandwidth and file storage facility which gives the website that has been
hosted through with it the opportunity of sufficient space to grow without the doubts of ever crossing the

Brief overview about BlueHost:

BlueHost is a shared web hosting company. BlueHost is capable of providing a hosting facility that
can satisfy the demands and the needs of the individuals along with the necessities of the medium to
small sized business owners. It is in existence since 1996 and currently they have hosts over 1,000,000
Domains. The professional package of BlueHost includes the following, they are as follows:

· Unlimited Disk Space.

· Unlimited Site Transfer.

Advantages of BlueHost:

The advantages of BlueHost over contemporary web hosting service providers are as follows:

· Reliability: Reliability is the name synonymous for the hosting services offered by the BlueHost. They
make use of world class technology. The hosting plans are being hosted on the high performance Xeon

· Customer Support: The BlueHost authority gives immense importance to the customer support facilities
for their clients. For the new users those who are without a web address, the BlueHost helps them
through the set up facility and other necessary facilities.

Comparison between BlueHost – HostGator- and DreamHost:

BlueHost Web Hosting Statistics:

· Transferred in domains: 682

· New domains: 1,315

· Transferred out domains: 486

· Domains deleted: 405

· Increase in net domains: 1,106

· Total BlueHost domains: 1,083,275

DreamHost Web Hosting Statistics:

· Transferred in domains: 583

· New domains: 827

· Transferred out domains:494

· Domains deleted:400

· Increase in net domains: 516

· Total DreamHost domains: 1,007,792

HostGator Web Hosting Statistics:

· Transferred in domains: 1,679

· New domains:1,601

· Transferred out domains:2,047

· Domains deleted:183

· Increase in net domains:1,050

· Total HostGator domains: 1,154,751.

From the above statistics one can easily determine which of the web hosting services is the best as per
the needs and demands of an organization or an individual.


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