Lenovo, the Chinese multinational computer manufacturer is the second largest PC vendor standing next to Hewlett-Packard. Lenovo has set its feet in all the computer related products including personal computers, laptops, workstations, mobile phones, servers, smart televisions, electronic storage devices and many more. Though tablets and laptops rule today’s world, desktops have a permanent place which is hard to replace. Lenovo has made some interesting changes to the desktop computers so that they fit the modern styles. Lenovo has released the IdeaCentre H520s which easily fits into the slim desktop computers category.

H520s has a business look although it was not designed only for businesses. The compact casing is about 4/12 inches giving it the stylish look. The front part of the device is similar to that of a brushed metal and the sides remain traditional with the regular black color. H520s weighs about 17.4 pounds which is lesser than the traditional ones. However, they are larger than a few other desktops that are manufactured by Lenovo and others. The wired mouse and keyboard in H520s works well even though they do not have a unique design. Lenovo has maintained the same style of keyboard and mouse.

The Lenovo H520s is designed with 6 USB 2 ports, HDMI & VGA-out, audio ports, Gigabit Ethernet and the card reader. The lack of USB 3 ports in certain configurations is a great disadvantage in H520s. However, higher configurations have Blu-ray player, TV tuner and a couple of USB 3 ports. The device is built-in with “DVD” multi burner and “Wi-Fi”. Based on the configuration the third generation processor Intel Core varies from i5-i7. The capacity of RAM varies from 6GB to 8GB. To boost up your gaming performance, AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce with DirectX11graphics are built-in depending on the type of configuration you prefer. Experience quicker boot times with Windows 7 and if you have any queries the Lenovo Assistant software pops up to help you at your request.

H520s works much faster than expected. It opens programs quickly and helps you to watch &stream HD pictures and videos with utmost clarity. Lenovo rightly promotes this product as an entertainment PC. Do you intend checking the internals? You will be surprised to see the arrangement of cables and other internals. Yes, they are laid neatly inside without cluttering. Experts state this as a wise approach by Lenovo. The life of the computer prolongs for more time which is the major benefit in having clutter-free internals.

If you plan to expand the slim case on areas like power supply upgrade and a video card you will have to opt for a new device. The slim case is limited to expansion. Nevertheless, this is not going to be a major problem, as most people prefer to use the system the way it is designed.

The major pros of H520s are:

  • Solid Performance
  • HDMI outlet which is easy to connect HDTV
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Blu-ray
  • Compact and stylish design

The major cons of H520s are

  • Lack of USB 3.0 ports in all the configurations
  • Limited future expansion

When judged upon pros and cons, H520s is perfect to use for entertainment. What do you have to say? You can leave your comments below.


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