This one is for all ardent gamers. How should PC games be? Fast, adrenaline filled excitement with a breathless picture and sound quality that puts the action right back into your game? Have I managed to sum up the perfect gaming experience? But what makes a gamer lose his cool? A bad story line, badly designed graphics, excessive repetition, or unfair challenges. Or is it a bit of everything. And that’s not all. To add to that, a sluggish and unresponsive PC will complete the bad gaming experience. Even an interesting story coupled with fast paced action may seem like the worst game if you have a PC that just doesn’t let you have a wonderful time playing games.

Do you have a game in mind that you are waiting to play? But with the PC you have, is it still an unattainable dream? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you optimize your PC so that you get the best gaming experience.

Hard disk clean up

First things first, clean up your hard disk. Keep your drive clutter free. If there is something you need save it on to a CD or a DVD. The remaining unwanted files should be deleted immediately. When you do away with unwanted files you get more disk space for other important files. This makes your computer faster and easier for you to move around better. When your computer is running close to its maximum storage limit it will most definitely slow down considerably leaving you with unresponsive controls and sluggish interface.

Keep your OS updated

This is another point that can’t be overstressed. Keeping your operating system updated is mandatory as it will work towards improving your systems performance. Gaming hardware gets outdated very quickly. Move from your computer for a couple of weeks at a stretch and you will find that the gaming specifications you have on your computer have been left behind. It is time for you to update your PC to meet the ever growing gaming hardware demands.

Antivirus program

Many times the antivirus programs that run on the background will slower your computer’s processing speeds. This will in turn make loading and playing games much slower. You could try disabling the antivirus if you are not on the internet. And it is important to get rid of spyware too. That’s because spyware will eat into your systems resources very easily slowing down the speed of your computer.

Graphics card to be updated

It is important to have your graphics card updated because graphics card forms an integral part of gaming system. Although most of the graphics cards are built by Nvidia or ATI, it is important to check if they are updated. Omega drivers can be customized and optimized to give you the edge over other drivers.

Disk defragmenter

The defragmenter will organize your files in such a way that you find it easier to access them. Defragmenting can be done every other week and before installing new software or programs.

Game booster windows software

Game booster is free Windows software that lets you access your system in life support leaving more resources to your game. All the unnecessary processes will be stopped while you game. You can as easily restore your processes once you have finished gaming.

Less number of programs running at one time

It is important not to have too many programs running at the same time. This will use system’s capacity to the maximum leaving very little memory or processing space for your video games.

Once you are done with these simple tips, you will find that all your video games are faster, sharper and more exciting to play. Happy gaming!


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