Damn you, YOUTUBE. We all know about Rebecca Black’s “Friday” viral music video on Youtube. Which i think till now got some million or billion views. Although most of the video comments are bad and rating is dislike, but still that creepy video made Rebecca Black a youtube star!

Now Jimmy Fallon thought why not make a better version of the song “FRIDAY”, and that’s what he has done on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show.

Till now this is the most epic aka Awesome Parody/performance of the original “FRIDAY” video. i simply love it.

The song featured Stephen Colbert too. It all started when Jimmy Fallon promised that if $26,000 was raised, Stephen Colbert would sing “Friday” by Rebecca Black on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the video below:

Rebecca Black’s “Friday” performed by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks, and The Roots.

So guys do you like the performance? Write your comments belowww….

Stephen Colbert

By Techwacky

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