This is good , really good, I was just searching for some online games and found the most epic aka awesome game in the world, Angry Birds. Which you can now play online is your browser for FREE! Holy..moly..goly..S**t.

Extremely excited to get the game working on my firefox browser and its free. damn can’t stop saying free again. Come on this game download price is $5 on pc, and $0.99 in itunes apps store, android market. Who the hell doesn’t like things for free? At least i can say i love it, don’t know about you guys.

I enjoyed fully 1 hour online while playing angry birds game online on PC for free!

Now some tips for new noob players:

In starting, its very easy to play. You just have to adjust your angle and have to hit the pig (as target). Nothing more to say, just start playing this game and I am sure you will forget everything while playing.

How to Play Angry Birds Free Game Online

1. Open your FireFox Browser.
2. Copy this link and open it in your browser.
3. I also tried this game in Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers and it was working. If you get any problem while playing in other browsers, then better to use it in chrome.
4. Wait for few minutes to load the game completely.
5. Finally Click on Play button and start playing.

Loading Slow? “Click on SD Version and it will load quickly. Angry Birds will open in HD by default”.

Note: You need Internet Connection to play angry birds games free on your computer.

So, Are you going to play it now? I will suggest you to play it now for few minutes and then share your online gaming experience with us. Don’t close this post before sharing your experience.

Lets see who makes the Highest Score.

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