Go for Epub – Everything you need to deal with Epub

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epub-to-pdfThe webpage go4epub.com is a beta version of a fast, free and online optimized e-pub to PDF file converter. The web page allows the user to simply access a straightforward website where they can upload their file in seconds, load it on the Go for E Pub servers and convert it to a PDF file in a matter of less than a minute.

The conversion web site is an optimized portal that not only converts e-pub files to PDF formats but also to the Mobi file format. The Mobi format for a file is actually an e-book format of the file that allows the reader access to an online reading portal.

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Moment – The Next Generation Compact Karaoke Soundbar That You Should Support On Indiegogo!

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Moment-logoFirst and foremost, what is Moment? Let’s get this out of the way first. This is the world’s first sound bar with DTS TruSurround and Karaoke! Let’s take a look at more detailed information below.

  • With only 16 inch size it is as compact and elegant as it gets!!
  • This is something which is very affordable.
  • You will be delighted to know that you have a karaoke song library with an unlimited collection at your disposal. You can use apps like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora, Google Play Music and Smule there.
  • It supports many devices, including PCs, tablets, smart phones and media players.
  • It’s completely wireless!
  • Easy to use. There is nothing complicated about them, just plug and play!
  • Since it supports almost everything, it has become really easy for you to enjoy Karaoke whenever and wherever you want.

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Looking For WordPress Help? Head To Tilden Tasks!

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Screen_Shot_20150828_at_95208_AMTilden Tasks are a subscription based support company for WordPress powered websites. This company is owned by Matt and Marcus. If you have a WordPress website then this website is going to be your savior as they act as the middle man to deal with the issues faced by webmasters. You don’t need to look for independent contractors for every simple task anymore. They provide a number of excellent services for the WordPress users. This is a San Francisco based company. The services they offer include website management, fixes, support, changes and maintenance. Their service is available 24×7. One thing commendable about them is their great customer service. You no longer need to go to a Craiglist about finding a good service!

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Different Tips And Tricks For Designing An Effective Website

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quick-web-design-tipsIn today’s highly technological era, where the internet is an almost essential feature of all individuals’ lives, it has become necessary to understand the different aspects of online living. The first factor to consider is that of website design and how it is becoming an increasingly popular occupation. Currently there are several methods to creating a website ranging from advanced html coding to basic blogging platform themes. Regardless of the website development skill one utilizes, it is important to understand influential aspects of a website. It is these aspects that will determine whether or not the website is successful. This article will provide tips and tricks for designing an effective website.

1. Keep The Design Simple

A common characteristic of all the most successful websites is their simplicity. While it may be tempting to create very bright and complex websites, it is highly discouraged. Research has indicated that a cluttered website will confuse visitors and reduce the time they spend on the site. In fact, the majority of visitors to cluttered websites will spend a limited time perusing the site before logging off to find something more suitable.

2. Keeping The Site Quiet

Read more about web design Auckland here to learn how these tips are actually implemented in practice. Many websites, particularly those related to media, will present with music being played once the website is accessed. This is an interesting and enjoyable feature; however, it may reduce traffic instead of increasing it. The majority of visitors will move along to the next website if they hear music blaring through their headphones. This is due to the fact that some individuals prefer to maintain a quiet atmosphere. If one is determined to play music, it is recommended that one present an audio control in a highly visible position. This will allow visitors to turn the music off.

3. Avoid Pop Ups

One of the most frustrating and irritating feature of all websites is the presence of automatic pop ups. While pop ups are very common nowadays, they continue to annoy visitors and can lead to visitors leaving the website before perusal. Furthermore, one is risking gaining the reputation of a ‘spammer’ if there are too many automatic pop ups on the website. If one is engaging in affiliate marketing and looking to capture email leads, it is recommended that one place an inline subscription form on the website instead of installing pop ups.

4. Removing Errors

One trap that many website owners fall into is neglecting information maintenance. It is highly recommended that one update content regularly; as well as repairing any errors that may occur. This could be due to an out of date application or problem with the coding; whatever the reason, it is essential that one test all features before overall publishing. Visitors who come across a website with errors are less likely return to the website or refer people to the site.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, there are various points to take into account when designing the ideal website. By using the tips above one can ensure the development of an effective and successful website.

Are you part of the Planned Obsolesce Cycle? Is your future already outdated? Device Savers thinks that’s the new electronic design.

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GettyImages-472484548Outdated, or is it just the Old-School way?

Have you ever realized that most of the gadgets that your parents owned like 20-year-old semi automatic washing machine, or your dad’s old Walkman that he used during his college days are still works great. While modern products like iPhones 5s, Laptops, Plasma Tv’s, and other devices are intentionally built to die off or self out date long before they actually stop functioning.

Is this the new careless, uneconomical and wasteful standard of Big Businesses?

It’s all part of the Planned Obsolesce Cycle and on a more serious note, there’s a multi-billion dollar technology industry established behind this the new careless, uneconomical and wasteful standard. Charging consumers hundreds, if not thousands for the latest devices and gizmo; only to say they can’t be fixed or repair and that the latest model is available; only to bring out a new version a few months later, making your current smartphone, well, not so smart anymore.

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The Next Generation in Dating Technology

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printscreen_GPSdates_mapNew App Connects Users Based on GPS Location

Ever since the creation of the internet, online dating sites have been popular. These days, there’s one for every type of person and every type of interest. It’s very easy to connect with other people all over the world but what about the people around you? What if your perfect partner was living down the street or just a few blocks away? How could you ever hope to find each other amongst all of the different websites and online dating profiles out there?

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