29562efWhen approaching SEO agencies, many business owners don’t find the need of selecting a good SEO agency. However, it is actually crucial of finding a good SEO agency.

Never Hire an SEO Agency Whom Uses Black Hat SEO Methods

Should you have hired an SEO agency whom uses black hat SEO methods to help their clients, your website might do well during the first few months, but get penelised by Google afterwards.

Despite being able to redeem a second chance from Google, your rankings would still be affect, hence leaving a bad mark for your business. In addition, you would have to spend another 5-6 months climbing up the ladder again, hence wasting both time and resources in this repeat process.

Why not simply avoid all the trouble and hire an SEO agency whom uses white hat SEO methods instead?

Select an SEO Agency Whom Has Glowing Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials comes in as an important factor when selecting a good SEO agency. This is due to the fact that testimonials tells you how trusted and good the SEO agency is.

Should the SEO agency have bad reviews from its past clients, this would tell you that the agency is not trusted and unreliable. This would help you to save you time and efforts in hiring the SEO agency.

In addition, an SEO agency with positive reviews from its clients would give you a sense of assurance and comfort when selecting an SEO agency. Good reviews will tell you that the SEO consultants would really know how to help SEO a website without using any black hat SEO methods.

Choose an SEO Agency Whom Have Certified SEO Consultants

In the SEO world, many SEO agencies claim to have certified SEO consultants. However, the reality is that they have actually been reading up on SEO blogs, and have not even attended a single SEO course!

There is nothing wrong with learning SEO through blogs. However, should they have picked up the wrong stategy or not know the rules in SEO, these SEO consultants could be the casue of the death of their client’s websites.

Thus, it is important to find an SEO agency whom has certified SEO consultants. This can be checked through asking for the certificate.

At Wiz Leads Marketing, our SEO consultants are all certifed by the world-reknown Search Engine Academy. Hence our SEO consultants are trained to be able to help SEO websites and help them rank on page 1 of Google.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com