Finally…The #1 Way To Outsource Your IT Projects To India

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outsourcing-to-india1So you are looking for the most reliable, yet cost effective way to outsource your IT project to India?

You can stop looking now…because here’s your solution:


In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is vital for your business to improve resource efficiency and productivity, and reduce your costs at the same time.

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PBC File Portal by Suralink

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SuralinkLogofinalSuralink, a software provider committed to helping companies increase efficiency during the document request and retrieval process, is aiming to help revolutionize the way companies and clients exchange information with the platform it launched in 2014. The platform combines a dynamic prepared by client (PBC) list, assignment workflow and secure file hosting to deliver a more efficient and organized engagement.

When using the software platform, companies and their clients can make requests, receive documents, track the engagement status, and manage teams. During these processes, all users have a real time view of document collection. CPA firms are using the PBC file portal for audits, due diligence, mergers and acquisitions and tax engagements. While other companies are using Suralink for their own unique document exchange needs.

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Washie – The Trusted Laundry App in Hong Kong

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V2Doing the laundry work is a tedious task for many of the homeowners. Despite having a washing machine in the house, there are a few delicate and expensive clothes that cannot be washed and dried in washing machines. You need to dry clean these clothes. If you are not able to keep track of the laundry and dry cleaning services you are using, then you can switch to Washie, a new dry cleaning app that is offered in Hong Kong. With this app, you will not have any problem in keeping track of your clothes that you have given to the laundry services.

Washie is a very convenient and easy to use application that you can use on your Smartphone. You need not be in your house to book for picking up of your laundry. Just tap on the Washie app on your phone, choose a convenient time and the location that you want the Washie driver to pick up your clothes for laundry and dry cleaning. The driver will arrive at your place at the fixed time and will collect your clothes. You will also get intimation through the app once your clothes are ready for delivery. You can opt for the convenient drop time and the dry cleaned clothes will reach your place at the fixed time. The Washie app offers you complete freedom of keeping track of your clothes and one of your household chores is removed for your daily or weekly task.

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Funny Ways to Prank Text Your Friends

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TextAttakAre you looking to rub salt into the wounds of your friend whose football lost a crucial match? Do you want to send some prank texts and pictures to your friends the easy way? Well, Text Attak is the website to visit to find out the ways you can prank your friends, relatives, colleagues and others. If you have serious enmity with someone, then there are enough GIFs, funny quotes, ridiculous pictures and texts to vent out your anger or to tease your enemies. If you are a wannabe prankster or an experienced one, Text Attak has the right ingredients to make you the most popular prankster in town.

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How SEMPAD is Making PPC Ad Management Easier

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Screen_Shot_20151207_at_12630_PMAre you looking at getting the PPC ads of your company to be appearing on the popular search engines alongside search results at all times? Do you want to boost the web presence of your business easily without shelling a lot of money from your pocket? Then, you will have to make use of the SEMPAD pay-per click advertising tool to get your goods and services to be displayed on search engines when people are searching items that are relevant to your business. By doing so, you will be able to bring out ads about your business on the web at cheap rates and also gain better and quicker online presence than any other source of advertising.

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Radiation Exposure and Flying

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safety-sign-radiationWhen thinking about radiation exposure the most common image is the one of a health care worker, personnel of a nuclear facility or perhaps people on activities related to mining, particularly uranium. Seldom do we think about exposure to ionizing radiation when flying.

Nowadays the most common source of exposure to radiation manmade but since the beginning of time, human beings have been exposed to natural sources of ionizing radiation. Our planet is constantly being exposed to radiation; the atmosphere is constantly bombarded by cosmic rays while on the cortex of the earth there are several radioactive minerals. These along with other sources contribute to background radiation, which is a natural phenomenon. Everyone on the planet absorbs background radiation and the calculated average exposure of a human being is about 1.5 – 2.0 millisieverts/year.[1]

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