A Leading Mail Forwarding Service in the United States

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logistics2_1Many people find it easier to purchase the various items they need from online stores and internet market places. However, shipping the items to your preferred destination may be a problem when you are located overseas. Most of the internet stores are not able to deliver the items to the international customers due to huge shipping tariffs or as they do not have a U.S address.

Selling through Online Stores

Logistics Network plus LLC is a mail forwarding service which can help the companies to reach the customers faster by providing customizable logistics. This service offers automation of purchase orders and provides real time shipping tariffs and inventory status, which will help your customers to make the right decision of purchasing the items from your store. The knowledge and experience of this mail forwarding service can fix any deficiencies in your company’s ability to ship the items to international or regional locations.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Data from iPhone with iPhone Recovery Tool

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iphone data 1Your iPhone is an essential part of your life – its communication, a calendar, calculator, notepad, and everything in between. Many iPhone users store a plethora of vital information on their phone, without ever thinking about backing it up or preserving this necessary data elsewhere for protection. It can be devastating if you lose that information, and it would be almost impossible to recover and rebuild everything that you have stored on your phone, from contacts to notes to business information. However, sometimes unfortunate things happen, and whether due to damage or user error, data can be deleted from an iPhone – and seemingly lost forever.

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irtLost your contacts, SMS, Call History, Notes, Videos, Music, photos and other important data due to an accidental deletion, virus, Jailbreak, Crashes, iOS upgrades, factory settings restore, physical damage such water, breakage, or theft or for some other reason?

With the iPhone Recovery Tool, you can recover lost data from your device directly.  Yes, it is guaranteed safe and will not harm your other data, programs, files and apps. And yes it is sure: it is a powerful iPhone recovery software designed for very easy use and it comes with an easy tutorial but to be sure, you can test it by deliberately deleting iPhone data and then performing a recovery sequence using the iPhone Recovery Tool.


Know your campaign opportunity in early by using services of the Spot Trender

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color-logo1Do you know Spot Trender? For you who don’t ever know, the Spot Trender is an innovative company in research-related industry. It uses what called cloud-based platform of pre-testing technology. Its platform connected to more than 45+ million people all over the world, of course the qualified ones. The Spot Trender is developing such an impressive track-record, serving as the main indicator of trusted commercial pre-testing and analytics. In short, the Spot Trender can be classified as a startup company. What is the meaning of a startup company? For your info, a startup company is a company designed for searching a new business model to be applied by collecting as much as responses from targeted respondents. The received responses will be a main consideration determining which the best business model to be applied.

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Lazy, Crazy or Clever? New accessory taking Smartphone usage to new heights

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Screen_Shot_20151224_at_122421_pmWith 85% of Australians owning a Smartphone by mid-2015[1] and an increasing number of consumers complaining of ‘Tech Neck’[2], Innovative Aussie start-up, HeadPal has set out to make our lives a whole lot easier – and pain-free.

The brand new Smartphone accessory allows users to view media without the inconvenience of having to hold or balance their Smartphone device. The accessory is designed to securely hold your Smartphone device in place for you, hands free while keeping it at the right eye level for comfort and visibility.

“Our Headpal product simply is responding to what consumers want. People are using Smartphone’s more than ever before, and this innovative Smartphone accessory is simply just a reflection of that. While there are many other Smartphone mount accessories are on the market, what makes HeadPal unique is its ability to morph into differed modes, with three main features to suit the needs of all users,” Adam said.

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Boost Productivity of Your Team with Time Tracking Solutions

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negativespace112111The success of a company or project depends on how the team of workers involved makes use of their time. Time tracking is necessary to improve the efficiency of operations in a company as time is money for businesses. Hence, there is a need for using right time tracking software by the companies according to their type of work or business carried out by them. It is possible to accurately calculate the time spent on a project by a particular staff using the different types of software available in the market for the purpose.

Monitoring the Attendance

You can use desktop time tracking software to calculate the attendance of the team members. This will give you an idea which team members are regular in their attendance and how many days or hours they are working each week. This will also make easy for you to calculate the payroll of the members at the end of the week or month. This monitoring will help you to decide which of the current team members has to be included in the future projects of the company.

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