Innovation and Technology Packed Into Unique Space-saving Modern Holiday Tree

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Jubilee_Trees_Remote_Control__1In celebration of the 50th anniversary of its creation Modern Christmas Trees released a limited edition small version of their tree called The Jubilee on Kickstarter.

The Jubilee transforms every space into a visual celebration. With its light and shadow play, this little tree fills any size room. Made of concentric rings, illuminated by a cordless LED, the tree is the perfect space saving solution for homes, condos and offices.  A remote control toggles LED light brightness and shades of red, green, and blue.

The Jubilee comes with chandelier crystals and full sets of silver, blue, red and green ball ornaments in addition to a star, heart, and shamrock tree toppers, for use in most holiday celebrations.

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Importance Of A Reliable Repair Service For Your Gadgets

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LogoMost of us have become dependent on our smartphones and other gadgets in our daily lives. Indeed, from telling the time to setting reminders as well as checking messages and mails, we have come to depend on our smartphones for a lot more functions that simply making or receiving calls. As a result you will find your life coming to a standstill if your mobile suddenly stops working. Though we all know the importance of having a backup for our gadgets, we often fail to do the same. Even if you do have an emergency backup in another device, it would not be the same without your present phone or tablet.

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Mail Forwarding In The USA Enabled By Cloud Logistics Of USA Trading Services Corp

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DashboardWe are mostly dependent on email services these days. The major advantage of using email is that you need not be restricted to a certain street address unlike paper mail correspondence. Emails can be checked at any minute on the go, no matter where you are as you will get your cloud based inbox service accessible through any computer or mobile inbox.

Get your mailbox forwarded

Today the same concept of a cloud based email service is being replicated for paper mail correspondence as well. Not every service has evolved into this form but many pioneering firms and postal services have realized the limitations of street based correspondence and are offering clients solutions of getting their mail box correspondence no matter where they are.

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Cassandra – The best NoSQL Open Source Database

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cassandraWhether you are a developer, administrator or in Central IT you will find Cassandra a valuable tool.

A free and open-source database management system that is designed to handle large amounts of data. It’s high on performance and in fact University of Toronto researched concluded that it was the clear winner in their study of NoSQL systems. It was initially developed by Avinash Laksham (one of Amazon’s Dynamo authors), and Prashant Malik, at Facebook to power the inbox search feature. Originally it was released in July of 2008 as on open source project on Google code, but just six months later it became an Apache Incubator project. By 2010 it had become a top level project.

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The Best Hosting & Domain Deals In One Place!

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article_imgStarting off a website is a necessity these days for most people. While many are looking to add to the number of sites that they run or operate, others might be venturing into the online world for the first time. They might plan to launch their own personal blog or wish to launch a website for their business. No matter what, there are two main things that one needs to start off with – a domain name and hosting support.

What you need?

There are several places where you might get a domain for free. However, you might not get a sustainable solution where the domain can be a long lasting domain to own. In that case it is best to find legit and cheap domains that will allow you to run a registered website for sure. However, finding a cheap domain is not the only solution that you need. You also need reliable hosting for your website.

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The Top 5 Technology Websites In Lebanon

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Lebanon is one of several emerging countries to fully embrace the internet and mobile technologies and use them to fuel local entrepreneurial endeavors. Indeed, Lebanese love for technology and innovation is so strong that it sparked initiatives like Lebanon for Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Lebanon, among many others. Today, we are talking a closer look at top 5 most influential technology websites in Lebanon. No aspiring entrepreneur or long-term technology enthusiast can afford to miss out on what these influencers and reporters have to say.

1. LebGeeks


LebGeeks is the largest tech geek community in Lebanon. The site has celebrated its 10th birthday in 2014, and it still continues to be the home for over 3,500 of Lebanese top developers, IT professionals, web designers, gamers, and just about everyone else who loves technology. The website was founded by Samer Nakfour, a designer and engineer whose work and interests span a wide range of fields from programming to interaction design.

In its early days, LebGeeks was just a small forum with only a handful of active users. As technology penetrated lives of ordinary people who couldn’t previously afford to own a computer or a smartphone, LebGeeks was often the first stop to ask for advice, help, or to discuss recent tech news.

These days, LebGeeks hosts a regular series of local meetups and events in Beirut, where users can meet in person, strengthen their friendships, and share their love for technology with others. There’s also a series of short talks given by coders in Beirut, which are a fantastic introduction for every person interested in the subject.

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