What is a good web design?

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webdesignWeb design is something crucial for all businesses that are displaying their work on the web. An online website displays who you are as a brand and the neater your web design, the neater and more professional you look as a business. More than 90 percent of viewers look at a business web design and have an opinion about what the quality of that particular business may be. Fortune 500 companies have fast and responsive web designs and this is the main reason that there may be a divide from the rest. Having a quality web design that compares to a billion dollar business web design, will truly benefit your company and lead you to great paths. There are many factors that make up a good web design. Something to focus on would be non overlapping elements, coded with php, remove heavy imagery, invest in good photography, picking you colors wisely, and using your SEO tags correctly. Following the basics of this is just to start to lead you on an advancing path and eventually success for you brand online.


A Software Developer’s Showroom

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ColaxySoftware developers are the most dynamic people who are constantly learning to keep up with the technology transformation.  It took only 10 years to move from Click/Scroll to Touch/Swipe to Gesture/gaze and yet software demands is growing faster than ever before.

Many developers are exploring and learning the new technology and building their skills, but such talent will get old in time and developer will have to move on to march for new learning curve.   Should not that developer have an endorsement of his talent and skill that he has gain in his career?

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A Look At Press Release Distribution Services For Tech Companies

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PR1Press releases are a very important tool that offers huge amount of benefits in PR and marketing, especially for small companies. The PR departments in many small tech companies make use of the paid or the free press release distribution services to broadcast new releases of companies from time to time. This type of advertising delivers distinctive benefits for the tech companies. The free press release services will help in bringing in more secure links to the business’s website and thereby they get increased web traffic. The paid press release distribution will help the tech companies to get syndication and media placements.

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LED Light at Lowest Price Ever !

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fb400USDLED Light Gu10 / MR16 / PAR16 / HR16
6 Watts Dimmable , Available in Cold White / Warm White / Natural White
Price : 3.12 USD
Phone Number : 1-888-374-5155
Website : https://majordepot.com/en/29-led-light-for-home

greenDAO Version 2.2 Is The First Android ORM With Database Encryption

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greenDAO-orm-640The world of Android applications is still growing and the demand for new apps comes up in different categories and subject matters day by day. From the age old games and entertainment apps, nowadays governments are also using apps to provide important information to public, to receive inputs from them and to provide assistance and support in ways it was never thought possible.

For businesses apps are powerful tools for exploring new categories and customer segments. Medical apps are revolutionizing the way healthcare has been offered to public. Hence, many entrepreneurs are planning start up ventures based on novel app ideas. As opportunities are endless and potential is huge, everyone wants a bite of the pie.

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A Marketplace To Buy And Sell Comments

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thepowerofcommentsHave you noticed how comments on a post keep a topic coming up in your news feeder all the time? If you have commented on a post you will become part of the incoming alerts that will showcase the other comments that people have made about the post. Often these comments will elicit further comments from you as you react to them. These ways a post on social media or any blog forum gets incoming traffic as more people get involved.

The power of comments on social media sites

With such personal experiences, it is not hard to see how comments can help market your blog or your business’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
others. These are sites that get posts rolling and in circulation when comments are added to them. When one comments on a post, they get intimated every time another person comments on the same. Again, for people who own a social media account, personally or as a business platform, they encourage comments to get their posts more exposure. This in turn leads to traffic to targeted sites as well.

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