Cassandra – The best NoSQL Open Source Database

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cassandraWhether you are a developer, administrator or in Central IT you will find Cassandra a valuable tool.

A free and open-source database management system that is designed to handle large amounts of data. It’s high on performance and in fact University of Toronto researched concluded that it was the clear winner in their study of NoSQL systems. It was initially developed by Avinash Laksham (one of Amazon’s Dynamo authors), and Prashant Malik, at Facebook to power the inbox search feature. Originally it was released in July of 2008 as on open source project on Google code, but just six months later it became an Apache Incubator project. By 2010 it had become a top level project.

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The Best Hosting & Domain Deals In One Place!

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article_imgStarting off a website is a necessity these days for most people. While many are looking to add to the number of sites that they run or operate, others might be venturing into the online world for the first time. They might plan to launch their own personal blog or wish to launch a website for their business. No matter what, there are two main things that one needs to start off with – a domain name and hosting support.

What you need?

There are several places where you might get a domain for free. However, you might not get a sustainable solution where the domain can be a long lasting domain to own. In that case it is best to find legit and cheap domains that will allow you to run a registered website for sure. However, finding a cheap domain is not the only solution that you need. You also need reliable hosting for your website.

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The Top 5 Technology Websites In Lebanon

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Lebanon is one of several emerging countries to fully embrace the internet and mobile technologies and use them to fuel local entrepreneurial endeavors. Indeed, Lebanese love for technology and innovation is so strong that it sparked initiatives like Lebanon for Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs Lebanon, among many others. Today, we are talking a closer look at top 5 most influential technology websites in Lebanon. No aspiring entrepreneur or long-term technology enthusiast can afford to miss out on what these influencers and reporters have to say.

1. LebGeeks


LebGeeks is the largest tech geek community in Lebanon. The site has celebrated its 10th birthday in 2014, and it still continues to be the home for over 3,500 of Lebanese top developers, IT professionals, web designers, gamers, and just about everyone else who loves technology. The website was founded by Samer Nakfour, a designer and engineer whose work and interests span a wide range of fields from programming to interaction design.

In its early days, LebGeeks was just a small forum with only a handful of active users. As technology penetrated lives of ordinary people who couldn’t previously afford to own a computer or a smartphone, LebGeeks was often the first stop to ask for advice, help, or to discuss recent tech news.

These days, LebGeeks hosts a regular series of local meetups and events in Beirut, where users can meet in person, strengthen their friendships, and share their love for technology with others. There’s also a series of short talks given by coders in Beirut, which are a fantastic introduction for every person interested in the subject.

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Customize Your Leather Folio Organizer

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cat_luggageThose who are looking at buying their formal leather accessory might not be happy with the models they find in the market. There are formal leather bag designs running into dozens and more. There are the briefcase models, hard and soft as well as portfolio bags, organizers, messenger bags and others. These are great choices, but even then you might not be able to find the style or model that is perfect for your requirements.

Misfit dimensions

Even though leather bags for formal wear are of different kinds, sizes, styles and materials, many find some aspects wanting. For instance, some bags might not be the right size as per your appearance or the personal style preference you have. Again, some bags have too many pockets, but not the right ones as per one’s wishes. Many people look for layered pockets or inner linings for keeping delicate objects. Such requirements are often amiss in standard designs in the market.

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Musqogee Tech announced Personal Intelligent Security System – Epee Defender

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epee1Musqogee Tech, a company specializing in innovative technologies, has announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign, whereit has presented its new project Personal Intelligent Security System “Epee Defender”.

Haven’t we all wished for a miracle to happen at a time when we were threatened by an inevitable danger with no way out?

What man does not wish that his wife, child or close ones have a device, on which to rely each time when help is needed?

Epee Defender is an innovative device, which, according to its developer, is, in fact, a system, whose algorithms and technological solutions allow an escape from many potentially dangerous situations.

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Why Is It Important To Learn Touch Typing?

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keyboarding_stor_tekstDo you struggle with typing when you use your computer keyboard? Well, let me tell you that you are not alone. Most of us struggle when it comes to typing. One thing is definite – there are only advantages if you are able to type really fast. The speed and efficiency in your typing can help you go a long way in your career.

Keyboard typing skills

Let’s learn more about the touch typing for beginners. Touch typing is a popular method to increase the easiness of typing. You will be able to type words with greater proficiency and accuracy with the help of this tool. Once you have learned to touch type, the typing will become really easy for you. This will allow you to type without looking at the keyboard at all. This will improve the overall typing speed tremendously. You will also reduce the number of mistakes while typing as a result.

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