thepowerofcommentsHave you noticed how comments on a post keep a topic coming up in your news feeder all the time? If you have commented on a post you will become part of the incoming alerts that will showcase the other comments that people have made about the post. Often these comments will elicit further comments from you as you react to them. These ways a post on social media or any blog forum gets incoming traffic as more people get involved.

The power of comments on social media sites

With such personal experiences, it is not hard to see how comments can help market your blog or your business’s presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
others. These are sites that get posts rolling and in circulation when comments are added to them. When one comments on a post, they get intimated every time another person comments on the same. Again, for people who own a social media account, personally or as a business platform, they encourage comments to get their posts more exposure. This in turn leads to traffic to targeted sites as well.

Comments for blogs

Blogs depend on traffic to gain exposure and importance on search engines. In order to grow traffic in an organic manner, more involvement in blog posts are required. When more and more people comment on blog posts, that in turn leads to more people getting notified and being lured to participate in the discussions. As a blog owner one needs to mediate the discussions and comments as well as reply to them. This in turn brings in involvement of interested website owners and blog owners. Many blog owners also participate in forums where commenting draws attention to one’s website or blog.

Marketing through comments

If you wish to draw attention to your business’s FB posts, get comments on the same. This can be done when you buy comments. Usually, having a high number of followers will guarantee you comments on posts you make. However, getting a long line of followers again takes time. On the other hand, getting comments on posts through a ready group of followers would instantly drive up exposure to your social media posts. That in turn will build intrigue and interest and many would click on the links provided or wish to know more about the products and services that are talked about in the posts. That is the power of commenting which cannot be underestimated in today’s competitive online marketplace.

How to source comments?

You need to get comments that would draw in more. Instead of opting for spam techniques, get a stream of true followers or groups that would show interest in your posts. There are marketplaces where you can buy and sell comments. When you wish to buy comment you need to know that authentic comments would be provided. For that you need to identify a reliable marketplace. You could even opt to sell comment and make money in such a manner. With the power of comments seen by everyone, you will surely want to find a reliable marketplace to buy comment or sell them in a reliable manner.

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