wrio_headerWRIO (write it once – http://wrio-keyboard.com) is the ideal keyboard for smartphones. Handy gestures and a completely improved layout for smartphones permit 20-70% faster as well as error-free typing. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a beta examination with more than 800 users, the last app is now available for download in the App Store and Play Store.

More than 7 % of smartphone users tend to be dissatisfied with their keyboard, based on our survey among one hundred fifty people. No wonder, as your current QWERTY keyboard originated over 140 years ago for old typewriters. WRIO Keyboard has been therefore designed from scratch to produce an optimal typing experience on touch devices. It really is installed as an alternative to the standard keyboard and thus is available in all applications. With the intuitive new features, participants in user assessments achieved a 20 to 70% higher typing pace.

On the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter the WRIO project has been backed by more than 800 individuals in October 2015 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/40668810/wrio-keyboard) . The funding target of 10’000 USD was surpassed by over 50%. At WRIO Keyboard the user is central. The backers happen to be actively involved in the development and also have provided valuable feedback throughout the beta test. In the future, WRIO users will continue to take part in further development using a dedicated community platform.

wrioThe keys are much larger than on conventional keyboards and are arranged hexagonally, which makes them a lot easier to locate with thumbs and fingertips. Moreover, the keyboard has 2 centrally located space keys as well as special characters that are significantly faster to reach. An intelligent auto correction and adaptation from the keyboard to individual inputting behavior further minimizes mistakes. Currently, this feature is just available on Android; iOS should receive the update in June.

Touch-optimized gestures allow fast accessibility to special capabilities. To capitalize, simply swipe up – the shift key is no longer required. The swipe to the left deletes multiple letters. Deleted too much? Simply restore the text simply by swiping to the right.

Language-specific diacritics (e. g. the actual Spanish ñ) can be entered easily with a slightly lengthier tap on a letter. The consumer decides which diacritics are displayed per default. Up to five of over 30 languages could be selected. This way it is easy to write in multiple languages with no need to switch between keyboards. Additionally more than 1000 emoji are included. WRIO features many different themes for every person’s taste.

Personal data privacy and protection is very important in WRIO. Therefore, all information stays on the device and is in no way transmitted through the net.

Throughout the launch the app can be obtained for a discounted price of USD 3.- on the Apple App Store and also Google Play Store. The normal price is USD 5. Download it today from: http://wrio-keyboard.com !

WRIO was created by the Swiss start-up icoaching (www.icoaching.ch). The internet agency started in 2011 by Janis Berneker and David Eberle supports companies in building online strategies and sites. Going forward, the company will concentrate increasingly on app creation.

By Techwacky

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