Untitled3With the smartphones being able to handle different functions, it does occur to many people how they are not able to control the TV with their smartphone as well. That is a technology that has been developed and some phones are coming equipped to control TV and other appliances that are controlled remotely. Infrared blaster or IR blaster is the technology that emulates the remote control feature for any electronic device. IR blaster is a device that can emulate the remote control feature through infrared. As a result any device is controlled autonomously which in general cases is controlled by remote control.

The uses of an UR blaster come in handy in many cases. For instance, you could use an IR blaster in order to control a recording device. This could be a VCR or DVR in order to change the channel as one would do with a cable box or a satellite receiver unit. One can set a recording device to select the right channel for recording. Infrared signals can also be used in order to control remote controlled products that are placed behind closed doors or other obstructions.

The possibilities of IR blaster in tablets and smartphones offer such possibilities for control to the users. With the feature a tablet or smartphone becomes a simplified home theater. Several universal remote apps are also being built with this technology for different mobile platforms. Indeed, the growing cluster of remotes that we have in our living room for running the different electronic appliances like gaming consoles, DVD players or TV make it a confusing choice. A simplified approach would be to have an IR blaster feature in our smartphone or tablet which will work as the universal remote.

Nowadays many new smartphones of the Samsung or LG brands are being equipped with IR blasters. The technology is the same which is the way the TV remote controls the TV. With the blaster technology incorporated, one can download a TV remote app. The app will then allow one to control their TV as well as set top boxes, Blu Ray players, DVD players and other devices that work with IR signal. One can even operate air conditioning units with this kind of technology and paired apps.

Some Smart TVs come with accompanying apps, these can be downloaded in a smartphone and one can control their device or communicate with it through IR blaster. There is much more that is being done through apps and IR blaster makes the communication easy and wireless. Imagine all the days you have struggled with a low battery power in your TV remote. With a backup provided in your smartphone, you need not be dependent on the remote anymore. If you have dropped the set top box remote and are wondering how to fix it, you have a backup on our smartphone. These are the several ways the IR blaster technology like BOBO’s EYE can come of use to different people and reduce their dependence on individual remotes.


By Techwacky

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