dns unlockerThe statewide and nationwide restriction on the internet and censorship on the content depending on the geographical location is not an uncommon thing. A lot of countries implement such censorships in order to impose cyber security or a host of other religious, political, sentimental etc. reasons. There are services which offer a turnaround for users trying to access blocked content by spoofing their actual location on the internet using a DNS changer, such as DNS Unlocker. Since these services are free, they come bundled with ads and get installed collectively with other popular software without user’s consent to their terms and agreements. This is where the abusive side of DNS Unlocker starts and in no time it becomes so annoying that you choose to format your system completely to get rid of them.

How Do They Infect You?

The starting point is a little carelessness on the part of the users. This software is listed as UWP or Unwanted Programs that get installed in your system with all the administrative privileges you had given to some other software such as a file sharing software, file Downloader, YouTube Downloader, etc. This is because they are listed as additional software bundles with the one you are considering to install and giving permission to one is same for the rest.

Thus, they get into your system registry settings and integrate into all the browsers. Once you reopen the system, it has already been infected and you begin to notice the symptoms when you start browsing through the web. It will start with ads and popups that quickly turn completely obnoxious turning the whole webpage into a layer of hidden redirected and clickable internet objects. It makes it impossible for you to browse anything at all on the web in a few hours.

How Does It Become Worse?

There are many users who are not so novice and they know how to remove this adware that they might have installed unknowingly with other software programs. They do this by removing and resetting the complete browser, which results in losing all your preferences and custom settings built over a year. A link http://nabzsoftware.com/types-of-threats/dns-unlocker here explains this process. They even uninstall the thing from their control panel, however, only to be shocked later, after a restart that all of that has turned back again exactly the same way as before as if you had not done anything at all. On the contrary, you lose all your preferences and settings and still have the DNS Unlocker. This happens because they reset the system registry settings and restarts the whole thing on every restart of the system, if you have removed it manually.

What Is The Solution?

The only solution to such software is adware and malware removal programs that remove them from the registry where they are hidden and obtrusive to even some antivirus programs. They remove ads by DNS Unlocker from the browsers as well in addition to removing the program itself from the entire system. It saves you a lot of effort from formatting your system.

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