ipad_wikiLike any owner of more than one smart device, you must have already experienced the stress of home and office clutter due to entangled cables. Let’s face it: the more you love devices, the more cables you will collect in your home and office. You collect charging cables, USB cables, wall chargers, data cables and many others; the average smart device user has three cables for every gadget he owns. And that’s just in the beginning; the more phones you go through, the more cables you collect. But what if you could throw them away and start anew, in a more stylish way?

Forget about all that and step into the future with the 4smarts Cube. This unique modular wall charger performs four unique functions at a time just to help you have an orderly environment, not one that’s littered with cables. The 4smarts Cube can be almost anything your gadgets need: a wall charger, a docking station, a power bank, a wireless cell phone charger – all of them together, as an integrated solution or separately, as a standalone one, according to your needs.

Suitable for Android, iOS, and even USB C devices, Cube redefines charging standards for users all over the world by offering superb functionality, fast charging and a very high standard of quality. Its creators at 4smarts state that Cube was born out of a need for better space organization, as well as more flexibility: “We know that every smart gadget user is unique, with a unique lifestyle and set of preferences. This is we have come up with Cube: it’s modular, offers incredibly fast charging and it’s stylish, so that it fits the needs of any urbanite, on his or her own terms”, says Simon Rouhany, 4smarts’ representative.

Curious about Cube? Your first chance to purchase it and support its manufacturer develop new awesome products will be at the end of October, when Cube will be launched in a Kickstarter project. Backers from all over the world will have the opportunity to purchase the device at a special price. The first products will be delivered to the backers in January 2016.

Cube is developed by 4smarts, a company that specializes in smart phone accessories, with headquarters in Hong Kong and Germany.

The 4smarts group is a certified manufacturer of smart phone accessories, with more than 15 years of experience in the field. The wide range of products contains both premium and entry-level accessories, so that all 4smarts partners can cover as many market segments as possible.

With new products being released on a monthly basis, the company aims to be one step ahead of fashion and technology trends and help improve the lifestyle of the users of its accessories.

4smarts sells its products through a carefully built network of partners and distributors in Europe and the Americas. This network is continuously expanding in new countries.

By Techwacky

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