ecaosula_uiWith today’s constant pressure to be connected and working within busy environments, comfort and privacy are rarely an option.
Whether you’re scavenging for power outlets at the airport, rubbing shoulders at the coffee shop, or trying to find a seat in the waiting room, finding peace can be a burden.
eCapsula is a portable work, lounge and meeting space designed with comfort, privacy and connectivity in mind. From ideation to engineering, design and production, we are determined to change the way people work and rest while on the go.

In our increasingly crowded world where people are everywhere and privacy is almost nowhere, not nearly enough people have access to their own personal space – until now. eCapsula is an egg-shaped capsule that can be placed either indoors or outdoors providing privacy for up to four people to conduct business, play video games or watch a movie, enjoy a refreshing drink from the mini-fridge, read a book or even take a nap in a secluded, sound-proof environment. While anyone inside an eCapsula is assured privacy, productivity and/or relaxation in a busy airport or a bustling city street, everyone outside of an eCapsula will be engaged.

That’s because the eCapsula is large enough to accommodate a digital display which can be used by eCapsula owners to earn revenue from advertising dollars or display any sort of multimedia content.
eCapsula’s design compliments any high traffic location and increases attraction value.

Planned features of eCapsula include:

  • Mobile-friendly amenities such as a charging station, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access.
  • Entertainment including movies and video games
  • Cameras and microphones for video conference and voice control
  • Mini refrigerator with refreshments
  • Touch screen controls, LED lighting controls and heat/air conditioning controls
  • Four fully rotating and reclining seats accommodating up to 4 eCapsula guests at once.

ecapsula2eCapsula is safe inside and out.  It’s built with non-toxic, durable materials. The inside cabin is climate controlled and has an automatic anti-bacterial air filtration system. It’s also equipped with monitoring sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, a fire sprinkler, easy emergency evacuation, an emergency power generator, outside surveillance cameras and much more. eCapsula can even contact 911. eCapsula staff monitors all of the environmental sensors to insure the safety and well-being of eCapsula  guests while guaranteeing their privacy.

A crowdfunding goal of $260,000 has been set to allow eCapsula to start the roll out of their private enclaves in Chicago in the early part of 2017 with other metropolitan areas to be selected and announced.  Backers to this crowdfunding campaign will enjoy generous blocks of free time in an eCapsula along with other perks at every price level.

Our team:

Igor Choshko – CEO & Founder
“We’re planning to launch eCapsula around the world within the next 5 years, and I’m confident that it will turn into a global network.”

Ilya Pashkov – CDO
“One of our goals is to establish eCapsula as an architectural attraction, functional yet futuristic.”

Artem Razvodov – CTO
“We’re focusing our efforts on a powerful combination of high performance technologies and user interaction, ensuring a whole new level of user experience.”

Igor Golubchik – COO
“Connecting eCaspula units into a powerful digital media network will bring tremendous opportunities for advertisers and content providers.”

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