livecubelogosquare1024x1024300x300One of the challenges of organizing a trade show, conference or live event is social engagement and participation. Since you cannot expect your attendees to disconnect from the digital world, how about instead having them embracing the experience with a gamified social engagement app? Livecube makes it possible. It actually transforms how people connect, as well as how they share ideas at live events all the while keeping it fun with gamification and prizes.

In the business world, every event organizer wishes to organize a successful event and want to see attendants interact in a meaningful way. Therefore, a gamified social engagement can be a real solution. Livecube is an enterprise-grade social engagement app that inspires the event-goers to interact with their audience in a most fun and meaningful manners.

How many times have you attended an event and looked around the room only to witness jiggling, yawning, and most often disinterested, stunned stares directed at smartphones and laptops? Unfortunately, such a scenario leaves the organizer with the most unfocused audience and spells out failure.

With a great understanding of motivation, paired with big data streams, Livecube combines game design techniques to draw participation, engagement and high worth activity for the audience.

How does it work?

Login, start your first race, see the schedule, post, and share, and finally win a prize.

First you login on your smartphone or tablet via the web. Your event page populates the scheduled event and other details about the speaker. Attendees are offered with the customized link so they can view the schedule sessions. From here, the attendees will be able to login at the session of their choice. Attendees can also view and are encouraged to post their ideas, photos and thoughts which will then populate the feed on their screen.

So finally, attendees having reached the highest number of points will win the prizes predetermined by the conference organizers. Wins are based on the level of participation, completion of the challenges and finally popularity of their post.

Justin Schier, CEO and Founder, highlights the significance of drafting a strategic goal for the event that includes the right prizes based on interest and topics, enjoyment of the participants and the ability, for participants to remain connected even after the event is over, leaving a lasting impression on all that attended.

One of the best feature of this app as service is that all of the content generated during the event is archived and made available to the organizers who can choose to share it with the attendees. It can be shared, downloaded and reused. Great for cross marketing. If you are interested in a Livecube demo, go to and send a request.

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