7161614permaID is introducing a new style of e-mail service 4 EZ-Connect which utilizes a user’s Public ID(aka Offline ID,permanent ID,perma ID) as EMAIL ID(aka Online ID). This new platform is an e-mail system that requires members to ‘adopt’ their email ID from their real life offline ID, such as driver’s license#, automobile license plate#, or business ph# etc. Therefore, Offline ID becomes Online ID,and Guessable!

Emailings are Our Future !, specially in Business Sector, for communication or email marketing etc. How would you like to have ‘Simplest,Pronounceable,visible,numeric,Guessable Email ID for many years to come when you have to give out your Business Email over the phone ?

permaID makes business marketing more effective than ever, offering ‘pronounceable guessable’ Email Address for Business Customers. Be in the know with your Guessable Email ID !  Make Your Phone#@permaID.com as your Business Proxy Catch-All Email Today!

And its Smart- Autoresponders can be edited to handle most Incoming Common Q/A, while  Add new customers to your Email-Marketing List. Autoresponder is the most Effective Virtual Assistant for your business,24/7 no complaint.

California Governor showed a strong interest to require All Cal Citizens must have their Email Address under ‘cal DL(or state ID)# + [email protected](2013,kevin piombo,deputy director,state dept of technology)

On the road,you can hookup with someone,via ‘auto-license-pl’#@permaID.com


More information can be found at http://www.permaid.com/.

About permaID

permaID is a new style of e-mail in which adults use a single Public ID as their official e-mail.


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