4353112_origAmidst the IoT that is gearing up for the next boom in the IT industry, people are moving away or giving a little attention to their addresses and way of contacts owing to instant messaging services and social media. Consider an example where the state governor wants to issue a security alert to all its citizens as soon as possible without going through media campaigns or news as it is unlikely that everyone will get the message that way. There must be some better alternative that will make it inevitable that everyone in the state receive the “alert message”. It is impossible to collect the phone numbers as they are never permanent and unique.

How Does PermaID Help?

This is the point where a new service called PermaID based out of www.permaID.com offers a novel yet very simple solution to this and many such types of necessities. They allow all citizens to take up email addresses based on their permanent IDs such as driver license, business phone or auto license plate.
They are government issued and have a complete record of each and every citizen of the state making it not just easy, but “guessable” for the government officials to work out a message or a notification as and when necessary and also ensure that it reaches to each and every one.

  • This also avoids any unscrupulous diversion to anonymous IDs or to the ones that no longer exists such as those of the deceased.
  • The entire structure is made to ensure that relevant notifications such as credit vouchers, email campaigns, email election voting, solar panel credit etc. can reach instantly.

Guessable Format

4515436_origThe idea is based on the structure in which the states and counties are divided for easier and more organized governance and PermaID is a step closer to a perfect e-governance system. It is an initiative that takes away the painstaking collection of records and surveys required from time to time.

  • The structure makes it guessable such as if you find a “PID” sticker beside a license plate you can easily guess that person’s government email id as license-pl#@permaID.com.

5321317_origThus, the guessable nature makes it easy for getting in touch with someone or with a whole community using the permanent government issued IDs in cases of emergency or to promote a new business in the locality and many more.

Three Platforms

9329890_origCurrently, the PermaID has been supported strongly by the California Governor and their Intelligence Advisor, Mr Kevin Piombo, has shown a great interest in adopting this procedure for the development of e-governance in the region. It is an example for other states to follow in order to deliver better and more organized e-governance solutions to their citizens.

PermaID is currently providing three platforms, that is, a driver license based ID, a business phone based ID and one based on the automobile license plate number.

  • for all citizens: one’s Official Email ID would be ‘gov-issued ID(like Driver’s License #)@permaID.com
  • for all businesses: one’s Platform Business Email ID would be ‘business-phone#’@permaID.com
  • for car owners: one’s Platform Email ID would be ‘auto-license-pl#’@permaID.com

It is just a matter of time and the swiftness with government officials to adopt the services of likes of PermaID. They provide smart email with a powerful logo.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com