timetracking2In case you are a freelancer, which might be the most usual case, a time keeper is the thing you need in your hands, all the time. Yes, I get it, you have a watch and a smartphone, but a time tracking software is not merely a time recording device or say an application, but also helps you plan and route your tasks in a more synchronized manner. This is also different from a planner, a to-do list maker or a calendar as they are intended for different purpose completely.

What Is Timecamp?

This is a new platform and we recommend you to try this software, if you are a freelancer. It provides you with a host of facilities like offline tracking, automatic tracking and group management, for starters. This is its main idea just like the main idea of a smartphone is everything except making a call.

  • Along with this primary feature, it also adds to-do lists, attendance sheet, timesheet approval, reporting, manual timer, etc. all customized to help in its main idea.

It also provides a lot of other features that can be added as additional parts and modules, but still working as a single program from the same interface.

What Are Its Best Features?

The first application is being able to create projects and tasks of any level of complexity and layout the hierarchical structure you intend to follow.  Thus, “Projects & Tasks” pave the way for the further roles in the near future. It allows you to automatically assign work time against tasks without any data entry.

  • There is also a tool called “Graphical Timesheet” that allows you to draw your task duration on the calendar and its records it automatically.
  • You can also compare and fix your budget for the required task using the “Budgeting” tool of the program.

There’s a tool that allows you to assess the productivity of your team and allows you to improve. This also shows you the resources utilized for the completion of the project.

Release & Purchase

There are three releases of TimeCamp, including a free version as well. The Basic costs $6 per user per month and the Pro will cost you $9 per user per month. The Free version remains an online time tracking software, which has a lot more features including offline automatic tracking in the Basic version. There are a few elite tools in the Pro version too. In order to find the complete list of features, browse to their website at www.timecamp.com.

You also have the privilege of a 30-day trial package with the fully featured program. This is just to boost your confidence and check out your queries. Try this time tracking software. This is suitable for teams of all shapes and sizes. They also have yearly subscriptions at $360 for 6 users per year.

Overall, a freelancer can use TimeCamp for easy time recording and their other basic requirements for free for lifetime and improve upon the productivity in an organized way. It is so easy that even kids can use it professionally.

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com