11419028_1629357380678547_1818852062_nIn the world of photography, safety is of prime importance since a shot can be priceless and worth years and hours of toil. Similarly, safety of equipment and handheld cameras is at stake in many scenarios and conditions during extreme photography. Osiris & Co. take the burden of supplementing accessories crafted and designed for these people, the photographers and you can find their catalogue at www.osirisandco.com, which gives a brief but catching snapshot.

The Superfine Bracelets

There is a good collection of enduring materials woven and fabricated into fine looking bracelets. You get metals and alloys like copper, gold and silver.

  • There are special edition fabrications like the “007” series that encompass beauty with style.

These series are endowed with special names like Achilles and Black Knight, which make them even more stunning and luxurious.

  • It is offered in 11 colors to choose from with the hardware and the strap given complementary shades and pattern using brads.

These have a collection that also reflects a medieval and retro kind of effect, altogether with the color and style. Graphite and Lavender series brings a modern look to the wearable with the hardware hook and clips give it the masculine feel.

Amalgamation Of Systems

Osiris & Co. distributes their specially designed and crafted system comprising of a clip and bracelet at www.osirisandco.com , exclusively. You can find options that suit your style and their variability are commendable. Black, Desert Fox and Olive Black are some of the luxurious looking systems which also have the strength of endurance and durability, as mentioned above. These are affordable and within reach of any amateur photographer and you do not need to spend a fortune, you may keep that for future when you become a professional.

Military Grade Clips

These are endowed with firm and durable paracord used for military purposes, resulting in cords that can take the pressure in demanding situations. The hardware is also of the same standard and complements the build.

  • It is offered in 9 exquisite colors to choose from and can also be ordered on custom preferences. This also features special edition builds like the “007” for instance.

Clips are essentially required for strapping the camera to your wrist when shooting or taking pictures and Osiris & Co. gives you a number of choices to make them personal.

Accessories: The Collection

At www.osirisandco.com you find a brilliant collection of camera accessories to personalize your camera equipment and other upholstery using customized key chains, stickers and microfiber cloth. These further add elegance to your collection and give you a unique style amongst others. All the material is of higher quality and unparalleled with the options you would find at local stores and shops.

When you visit their website, do not forget to check out the featured products as it will give you the idea of their most popular products and help you buy one that is unique, instead. The user reviews always help and be sure to leave after you become one yourself.

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