Screenshot_4Malwares, viruses, worms…. Various terms, various mode of infectious transport, all with the intent of threatening internet or computer security for the purpose of acquiring data feeds and other valuable information used primarily for the monetary benefit of the culprit and to the detriment of the data owner.

Most of us have encountered these parasites and have identified some by doing research in the internet as well as using anti-virus software to protect our computers from any security threats.

A table presented below lists down the common types of malwares, viruses, and worms that our computers were infected with.

MALWARE TYPES according to infection VIRUS WORMS
Adware MACRO Viruses Email Worms
Spyware Memory Resident Viruses Instant Messaging Worms
Virus Over write Viruses Internet Worms
Worm Direct Action Viruses IRC Worms
Trojan Directory / File System Viruses File-sharing Network Worms
Rootkit Web Scripting Virus  
Backdoors Multipartite Virus  
Keyloggers FAT Viruses  
Rogue Security Software Companion Viruses  
Ransomware Polymorphic Virus  
Browser Hijacker Worm  
  Email Virus  
  Browser Hijacker  
  Boot Infectors  


There are different types of malwares, viruses, and worms we may encounter in the future however not all are easily detected nor resolved which may cause us undue magnitude of harm if not immediately contained and cleaned.

This is where ThreatWave comes in.


What is ThreatWave?

ThreatWave is a company whose mission is to provide a safe internet for all users. Driven to fight cybercrime, ThreatWave envisions providing the most comprehensive, actionable and real time data to identify global cyber security threats and market intelligence faster and better.

ThreatWave offers real-time solution for any detected cyber threat. They specialize in threat intelligence and threat research.

But, what does threat intelligence mean?

Threat intelligence is informative data from information that helps in decision making resulting to a positive outcome or better output.

ThreatWave’s threat intelligence scope includes processing spam emails, breaking down the spam messages into its basic and integral parts, analyzing those parts and sorting them into different data feeds.

These data feeds are then forwarded to ThreatWave’s partners to help threat researchers of various cyber security companiesidentify these online threats and create security measures to ensure data protection.

ThreatWave provides threat research products which help users secure their networks and devices as well as protect their daily online transactions from any email-based cyber threats like phishing, malware, spam, fraud, and for a businessperson, the misuse of his or her brand.

These are the following Cyber Security Email Sensors:

  • Firehose Feed
  • Anti-Malware Feed
  • Anti-Phishing Feed
  • Full Message Feed
  • Market Insights
  • Custom Feeds

These sensors offer different service but they serve as leverage for the users in the early detection and protection against cyber threats.

Aside from Cyber Security Email Sensors, ThreatWave also offers Network Abuse Tools.

ThreatWave’s Network Abuse Tools offer a toolset which enables network mailbox providers to understand the internal threats that may occur in their network. It highlights infected accounts, bounce error code statistics and network abuse. Because of this service, ThreatWave’s Network Abuse Tools also assists network mailbox providers in reducing their network and support costs.

In this fast paced technological time, cybercriminals are always developing online cyber threats. Thus, the need for ThreatWave’s Threat Research Products and Network Abuse Tools is very urgent. These products, without any doubt, will help users and networks secure valuable information,perform brand protection, and ensure that the normal flow of online transaction will not be disturbed.

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