LogoBitcoin cloud mining as we know it, has been a constantly changing landscape for a long time now. Moreover, with the increased popularity and number of cloud mining service springing up, it is really sad to see that cloud mining is now fast getting depleted. Furthermore, there have also been instances of cloud mining services turning out to be purely scam based services, focusing on user acquisition for a while and once the user base is substantial, the service operators just vanish out of sight.

For example, Cex.io suspended its cloud mining service in the second week of January due to the increasing cost of maintenance, mining difficulty, coupled with the decreasing price of bitcoin. However, the company stated that they are open to negotiations with other mining hardware providers in order to upgrade their existing mining equipment, and thus, possibly, bring back the profitability that they need. On the brighter side, CloudThink has custom built mining ASIC(application specific integrated circuits) which are designed to consume electricity efficiently coupled with high hashing power as compared to the hardware available in the market.

CloudThink.IO is not a traditional Cloud mining service provider, it offers investment packages of which cloud mining is just a part of. CloudThink also incorporates many other activities into the investment package which, as a whole, will help in increasing profits on a larger scale.

Visit CloudThink: www.cloudthink.io

By Techwacky

Editor-in-Chef of TechWacky.com