Kijini_copy_smallerToday, KIJINI, INC. announced its Indiegogo campaign to finalize the development of its eponymous KIJINI, an iOS and Android program with a set of apps capable of deciphering the user’s voice to provide highly accurate information about critical aspects of his/her health, wellness, and vitality, from nutrition to muscles to diet to personality and more.

“KIJINI and its technology represent a revolution in wellness. We can record a person’s voice and use the frequency patterns and correlations to understand bio-chemical, genetic, structural, and emotional information about a person. Having built a proprietary database of these relationships over the past 25 years, it is possible to read the frequency equivalents of components found in a body with pinpoint accuracy,” said Matthew Sanderson, COO, KIJINI, LLC. “It’s truly amazing to see what our technology can undercover just by decoding a person’s voice.”

A person’s voice houses a complete set of data points representing a holographic analysis of multiple levels of human physiology.  Based on the science of bio-acoustics, which is the relationship between the body and frequency, and quantum physics, KIJINI is a part of a proprietary technology 25 years in the making.

All of the matter in the known universe resonates and vibrates at different frequencies and this includes all of the material that makes up the human body. The body creates bio-chemical interactions in an effort to maintain these frequencies at the levels necessary for optimal energy and wellness. Scientists have spent the past 25 years scientifically identifying and studying the underlying frequencies and mathematical relationships that support optimal biological form and function. Using the science of bioacoustics, KIJINI turns vocal patterns into data points, which it then translates into easy-to-read, actionable reports that everyone can understand and use to support their health.

“The research and technology for the technology behind  KIJINI is complete, but we need your help in the development of the mobile program and its apps, which we plan to release for both iOS and Android devices in August, 2015. We believe KIJINI will provide users worldwide with valuable personal wellness information that is easy to use and understand and that will guide them to enjoy longer, healthier and happier lives,” said Sanderson.


KIJINI is a program with six  apps currently in development: Personality, Nutrition, Muscles, Energy, Neurodiet, and Detox. The team has an additional 30 plus apps on their roadmap ranging from Allergies and Lyme disease to Matchmaking.

Nutrition – It is like having a nutritional consultant in your pocket. It analyzes bio-acoustic frequencies for vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, Amino acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and much more.

  •  Muscles – The module analyzes the structural level of the body, helping users identify frequency equivalents for muscles and vertebra, which are in stress, weak and need attention, as well as predict the muscles that will be troublesome in the near future.
  • Energy – This module helps users beat fatigue, adrenal exhaustion and low energy by analyzing frequencies related to the body’s Kreb’s cycle and metabolic requirements, as well as mental, biochemical, physical and emotional aspects.
  • Neurodiet – No diet is right for everyone. This module evaluates frequencies for neurotransmitters responsible for weight management, as well as toxins, biochemicals, metabolism, stress, and more.
  • Detox – Discover the frequencies for toxins influencing your health, as well as gain insight into how best to detoxify and achieve optimal vitality.
  •  Personality – Offers a unique and insightful analysis of a person’s inner psyche based on frequency, biomarkers, and note intensity, revealing strengths, weaknesses, interests and blocks to success and health.

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KIJINI is dedicated to helping people reach their optimal health and wellness through the power of their voice. The result of 25 years of research and development, KIJINI was founded to bring this groundbreaking technology to the public in the form of mobile applications. For more information, visit

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