IMG_0766Taking pictures from the ground is so outdated now – take a step further and experience the cost-efficient, innovative technology that allows you to capture incredible images from a bird’s eye perspective!

L.A. Drones are among the leading aerial cinematography companies in the US. With years of experience in the business, they can offer you something that only few others can: a completely new perspective. Working closely with brands such as BestBuy and GameStop, they are specializing in live events under the motto “The Sky is no longer the limit!”

In fact, L.A. Drones just recently build some amazing custom drones to capture the live events, organized by Intel. They specialize in live events and even do flight demos. And if you’re especially interested in how drones and drone technology works, drop by one of their Q&A’s for some invaluable insights and exciting experiences!

Equipped with seasoned and professional aviators, their drones are simply the best you can get when it comes to aerial shots. You want an excellent imagery from a bird’s eye perspective for your movie? Well, invest in the cost-efficient option and get the best shots with L.A. Drones! Whether it will be to showcase your arena or stadium or capture the beauty of your hotel or real estate property, L.A. Drones can provide you with a unique and exciting perspective.

What’s even better is that L.A. Drones have just introduced their newest asset – a technology that allows you to live stream your flights directly from the drone. The real-time wireless streaming will send the incredible aerial shots straight to your Youtube channel or digital destination!

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