KijiniIntroducing KIJINI, the revolutionary new App that transforms your phone into a mobile wellness consultant! KIJINI represents a huge leap in technology and understanding of human physiology and vibration.

Just by speaking into your phone or tablet, KIJINI can analyze the frequencies in your voice, and not only tell you about your hidden personality characteristics, but also reveals the health of your body’s systems through nutrient and biochemical frequency analysis – all through the voice!

Instantly providing a report detailing the frequency equivalents correlating to Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Neurotransmitters, Amino Acids, and much more, KIJINI will change the way you approach health and understand the body.

How is this possible? Go to to find out all about the science behind KIJINI!

KIJINI has many aspects. Inside there are apps for Personality, Nutrition analysis, Muscles and Vertebra, Energy, Diet, and Detox. In the future we will be releasing a Pro version of the apps, as well as many more modules that will help people of all ages improve health and achieve optimal potential!

We are launching an Indiegogo campaign beginning May 18th.

We are inviting everyone we know to join us in supporting this ground-breaking technology so that we can get this into your hands! You can help by liking our Facebook page below, and sharing KIJINI with your friends and family.

On May 18th our campaign opens its doors, and you can give KIJINI the support it needs to be one of the most successful campaigns ever! We will be offering huge discounts and special offers for supporters. Refer your friends and be one of the lucky few who receive a special BioAcoustic Healing Retreat, or free training to be a BioAcoustic practitioner!

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