race-experienceAre you a hardcore fan of racing games? Do you follow F-1 and always dream to get your hands on the fastest wheels? Do you want to feel the race?  All these questions are set to rest with new advanced simulator gaming technology. If you are the kind of person to which detailing of every single part matters, you want to feel what it would feel in real then you must try these simulator games. You can play the exotic and real life racing games on your consoles or PC’s but these simulators bring life to them, you will be sitting in a racing car, feeling the vibrations, the force, the thrill and the game. If you love racing and want a day out with your friends then playing simulators is the perfect racing experience day out.

Hardcore Simulator games you shouldn’t miss:

There are plenty of racing games in the market but some of them offer killer graphics and high speed motions which will give you goose bumps when you will plug them on simulators.


It is on top of the list of every gaming website and offers you the best gaming experience. Customize the controls according to your comfort and game on! Motions are based on realistic physics and it is the best thing ever which could be close to reality.

F-1 Series

F-1 game version is developed by the best racing game development team who also created DIRT and other awesome racing games. The game is highly appealing and on simulator it gives F-1 fans the best gaming experience of their lifetime.

Other games with beautiful graphics are Grand-Prix legends and R3E!

Reasons to try out the full motion simulators

  • Full motion gives you the real experience of a racing driver as you get into the seat, lock the belt, hold tight and play the games on virtual screens with realistic graphics.
  • You will feel the engine; you will feel the speed as these simulators provide the thrill which gamers crave for. While gaming, the new dimension that they add to increase the fun is the force factor. You can experience forces up to 1.5G while racing on high speeds.
  • Extend your experience with multi-players. You can also compete with your friends by starting a local network race where you and all your friends can race together and in the end winners get to climb up the podium and lift the cup.

Places offering the full game simulators gear you up with all the accessories so that the real racing freak inside you comes to life. Race tracks are often selected randomly and games are of quality which will test your driving abilities to their maximum. After every lap or game you also get an advice from the professionals about your driving techniques. This helps you to improve your driving skills in the game as well as in real life. If you show up with all your racing friends then you get the personalized track to race and compete.

By Techwacky

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