projector_2A mini projector can be a great tool to have on hand. More and more teachers, architects, salesmen and other professions are using these devices at work.  That humble mini portable projector can be made even better if you pack the right tools and accessories to make the most out of it:

  1. Smartphone – it could be argued that projectors are accessories having a decent smartphone on hand is a pretty convenient way to carry around a great deal of media for a mini projector to work with. The mobile nature of smartphones work wonderfully well with projectors – especially if you have pocket projectors you can slip in and out of even the smallest pouches. An especially vital device for mini projectors without smart capabilities.
  2. SD Cards – some mini projectors have their own operating systems,most commonly Android. These types of projectors allow you to store and run a variety of apps andfiles. They also often come with a slot for SD and Micro SD cards. These cards are especially useful for storing media that eat up a lot of storage space, like games and movies. If you’re a packrat that likes to bring your digital library along with you, then you’ll find a collection of SD cards to be quite useful indeed.
  3. Travel Case–stuffing a mini projector in your pocket us one thing, but it is quite another to protect it from the stresses of travel. You’ll want a travel case that can repel water, keep dust out and resist quite a bit of shock should it be accidentally dropped. A slightly firm case will also help prevent pressure damage should you accidentally squeeze the miniature projector more than you should
  4. Tripod – you wouldn’t think a tiny projector would need a tripod until you do. Look for a tripod with legs that you can twist about to provide a stable platform for the projector. This will allow you to properly position your projector on uneven surfaces, which is always a good thing to have when you don’t have an elevated table that’s just right for your purposes.
  5. mini_projector_imagePower Bank – many small pico projectors come with their own batteries. This allows you to work with them even when there are no power outlets readily available. The problem is that these batteries don’t last long, especially when maxing out the brightness to get a good picture. Having a power bank ready, however, will provide a ready source of power when you need it the most. Just make sure to charge both the projector and the battery when you’re not using them.
  6. Adapter Kit – if you want your mini projector to work flawlessly with other devices, like digital cameras and a wide variety of phones, then you will definitely want to pack an adapter kit. These kits come with various adapter tips for a broad range of port, from the increasingly ubiquitous micro USB port to the ports exclusive to Apple products.
  7. Roll-Up Screen – don’t have a flat, white surface to best reflect the images coming from your mini projector? Why not pack your own? You can shop around for small projector screens that are rolled up like a scroll. Unfurl them and you have a great surface area that brings out the colors of projectors. Roll them up, and they’ll fit snugly in your bag or purse.
  8. Suction-Cup Bracket–if you cannot find a place to securely mount your roll-up screen, then a bracket with suction-cups can work on a smooth surface. These are pretty great formounting your roll-up screen without damaging the surface they stick to, which is a problem with adhesive-backed brackets and screw-on brackets. Still, you’ll need to find some glass, plastic or similarly smooth surface to work with.

Truth be told, nobody’s forcing you to buy these accessories. But they are pretty useful and worth considering, especially since they allow you to do so much more with your mini projector in the long run! If you’re interested in owning a mini portable projector, you should visit Chinavasion to checkout their affordable, but high quality range.

By Techwacky

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